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Who wants to back up his flab with running units to the body, stands in front of the agony of the choice: Rather slowly and for longer at a stretch run, or shorter and with a lot of Power?

The good news is Incorrectly, you can do nothing. Because both forms do not burn calories what the body hydrate only on coal but also on the fat storage uses.

Nevertheless, the run-of-species differ in the efficiency of how effectively they bring the fat to melt.

Burning fat when Running

“If it runs over a longer period of time with lower intensity, your body burns more fat than carbohydrates,” explains Dr. Jorianne Numbers, exercise physiologist at Northwestern Medicine hospital in Chicago, in front of the Portal, ‘Popsugar’.

The catch: the longer runs with lower intensity consume less overall calories.

This means that you will burn in proportion to more fat than carbs, but ultimately, the total amount of fat that melts, but turns out to be less than in the case of a run with high intensity.

Added to this is an additional important factor: a Short, intense Running sessions to promote the so-called EPOC effect (Post Exercise Oxygen Consum ation), even after-burn effect called.

This ensures that the fat burning continues well beyond the Training.

“The more intense you train, the more calories are consumed after exercise,“ explains Dr. Numbers.

Fat loss measure and a change of diet

In order to raise awareness for the own fat reduction, recommends that the Doctor accomplish this with accustoming oneself to measure the waist circumference.

Since fat deposits are commonly stored primarily on the belly, one can document his fat loss on the basis of the narrowing of the waist.

Alone by Jogging the results will be, however, less quickly and have less lasting effect than if you make in addition to running training, a change in Diet.

Runners should be aware of enough carbohydrates in the Form of whole grain products in order to replenish glycogen stores and provisions, so that no muscle occurs loss due to protein deficiency.

Plenty of healthy fats like nuts, Avocados or fish also ensure that you remain long saturated, and the fat burned after a hard run right back in the Form of a hearty and unhealthy meal anfuttert.

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