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The system helps with the overall mental, physical and emotional happiness of babies, enabling them to develop a photographic memory, math skills, oratory skills, speed reading skills, among other things, minus any kind of screen time.

In the film Boss Baby, we are introduced to a toddler who is anything but a regular baby. In-charge of his own life, he even calls himself ‘The Boss’. While in the film he reveals to his elder sibling that he stays intelligent and adult-like by drinking a ‘secret baby formula’, real-life couple Raghav and Shraddha Himatsingka have been working on a not-so-secret model to make actual bosses and superstars out of babies, by enabling them to unlock their abilities and become prodigies.

It started when the Himatsingkas became parents to their baby boy Prabal, roughly two-and-a-half-years ago. “We wanted to do something for our baby even before he was born, such as some activities or exercises. I knew about this concept of accelerated learning and early development, but I started with my research on it only then. Fascinated, my wife and I spent some 1,000 hours learning more about it. We realised that no one in India was offering such services, and that we had to do it ourselves,” Raghav tells over a phone conversation.

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Armed with knowledge, the couple started doing some exercises with their baby, which began to yield results, too. Prabal had started to crawl at three months of age. By the time he was eight months old, he had begun walking, too. At 24 months, he was reading as well.

“When our friends noticed these developments, they started to show interest, asking us what we have been doing. That is when we started to help them out, too,” he says, adding that is how ‘The Prodigy Baby by Raising Superstars‘ came to be. Over the years, through word-of-mouth, the couple received many similar requests from clients, so much so that their offline service had to be turned into an online one, which the duo has been involved in full-time ever since.

Raghav explains that there is a small window of opportunity of two years, during which one can help develop some superior activities in babies/toddlers. “It does not require too much of an effort or any kind of homework for that matter. We have converted years of research into an easy-to-use framework, which parents need to understand and do with their baby for five to seven minutes every day.”

@baby_prabal recognizing different kinds of fishes. He generally loves naming each one for his mamma, but he is camera shy and she never pushes to test him 🙂 #prodigybaby #raisingsuperstars

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What can babies learn?

This system claims to help with the overall mental, physical and emotional happiness of babies, enabling them to develop a photographic memory, math skills, oratory skills, speed reading skills, incredible sports prowess, encyclopedic knowledge, flair for creativity, foundations of logic, among other such things, minus any kind of screen time.

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“A baby’s brain is different from an adult’s brain. Also when adults think about something, they follow a chronology, which babies do not. Adults are constrained by the language in which they think and babies, when they are born, do not understand any language. As such, they are able to process thousands of thoughts at the same time. And because of this, they have a phenomenal learning ability. If as adults, we were to learn a foreign language, it would be difficult for us to become as fluent as a native-language speaker. Whereas for babies, they will be able to grasp it easily, because the learning capacity is higher,” Raghav explains, adding the abilities that babies develop between 0-2 years of age, stay with them for life because their brain deems them as important.

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As mentioned earlier, the framework entails five to seven minutes of exercises and activities every day, with each lasting not more than a few seconds, for at least three months, the couple recommends. And in case a parent is confused, they can always get free unlimited support on text, and a couple of free consulting sessions from Raghav and Shraddha, depending on the plan they have bought.

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