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Pensioners play bowls, meet friends for a picnic, young people enjoy the school-free time together in the Park. Corona and prohibition of Contact seem to be already almost forgotten – at least if you go when the weather is nice by the Berlin districts such as Kreuzberg. In some families, something changes: At the weekend, the old mother again to visit? Well, of course, is to go well – and mouth protection we have. Uses a new carelessness, after a week long Lockdown?

With the relaxations, the government have sent the wrong Signal, said Virologist Melanie Brinkmann, Helmholtz-centre for infection research in Braunschweig, the “mirror”: “the people see that some of the measures are relaxed, and gives you the impression that the Lockdown is now lifted and you soon to the daily life can return.” There were from a virological point of view, there is no basis for easing. “This is a smart fit Yes, but in sum we can afford no recurrence of the infection numbers.”

Take seriously the people that Coronavirus still?

For the social psychologist Andreas Glöckner from the University of Cologne to fatigue phenomena after a week-long quarantine of a piece of normal: “Such a burden it is to endure for a long time,” he told the news Agency DPA. The people yearned for “a point on the horizon, the something changes”. In this respect, the decision of the policy was the right way to make the Lockdown for the duration of the condition. Because without good explanations as a measure could lead to Aggression and frustration.

Empirical data available to date from the time before the decision of the relaxations showed that the acceptance of the measures and the confidence in the science are relatively high, stresses the hunchback. “We don’t see so far that the perception of the Risk would be too lax.” The hammock also so that the people were very well informed.

The scientist sees a real risk that the perception will change with time. One factor could be the fact that Germany came so far off relatively lightly by the pandemic, intensive beds around freely, while other countries in the masses of corpses, had to carry away. “Many people have experienced in the past few weeks, nothing”, says Glöckner. “The effect is: You are wearing a mask, but on the eleventh day of not more. Finally, it is gone for ten days, well.”

Virologist Brinkmann no longer to be feared, that many people take, the Virus is now so serious, and again more contacts. “If that happens, very soon, we are back where we were at the beginning,” she said to the “mirror”. “By loosening the infection rate is likely to increase again about one – then we have an exponential growth, it gets very difficult to control.” Just as phenomena such as the exponential growth could be underestimated by the public, portrays the hunchback – finally, the speed with which the Virus can then spread is, for the layman, hardly to imagine.

The last few minutes

"No one is in Corona ersticken", the doctor says. But how do you die from the Virus?

Many people will also die for us, Covid-19. But how to leave this world, when the Virus in the lung for devastation? Painful? Without Consciousness? We asked an expert.

Germany’s lead – through the early detection of the outbreak – standing on the game, also warned of the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten. He criticized such open Malls, in which now and again many people gathered, because individual transactions are small enough to be allowed to open. And he fears that people or companies are now considering their own rules of the game, to get back to a kind of normality: “If all the start, the own Interpretation, to interpret freely, then start in many places in Germany a lot of new chains of Infection.” Drosten already warned last week of a new wave that could hit Germany with greater force than before.


Together in Isolation, in spite of the Paris ballet dancing a thank you

The policy is a tightrope walk is on the gradual path from the rigid corona limitations. Because without a continuing General acceptance among the citizens of the crisis management is difficult. Therefore, the messages are a sensitive matter: How strong encouraging signals can be, without a false sense of security spread? What causes it, if it is already over for shopping malls or football games, talk is loose? German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) came to be a clear reminder: “We are moving on thin ice, you can also say: on the thinnest of ice.”

Federal government promotes small steps

It is not the Federal government alone, the dosing of the easing pace. Concrete measures are mostly a matter of what also makes the communication of many voices. Generally speaking, it comes to an Overall assessment: in addition to the fight against the Virus of social and economic hardships come into view that shape as is the mood. A scenario of rigid limitations may have to start all over again, wants to avoid the Federal government. It is advertising for small steps, each of which is checked. The get confidence in the reliability of decisions, argued the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU).

Of the new infections, and the reproduction number of develop – whether it might be too much relaxation in the minds of wide power, it will show anyway, with some delay: the delay Between infection and reporting of up to two weeks, according to expert evaluation.

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