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The Virus moves us ever closer. Europe is now regarded by many as the centre of the crisis, because so many people are infected, because so many people die. In Italy alone, the Virus has killed more people than in China, in Spain the situation is disastrous. In Berlin, the Chancellor has to govern the country now, from the home office and in the German hospitals, Doctors and nurses are waiting for the first patients wave. How prepared are we in this Situation?

Dr. Julia Peirano

Together a crash isolated by Corona test for any relationship

In “We and Corona”, the common Podcast by Stern and RTL, the Berlin pharmacist, Anke and Rüdiger on Paracetamol-stocks, endangered chains for medicines and on the mood of delivery, and the Fears of their customers. “When Paracetamol”, says Rüdiger, “are hoarding the biggest Problem. Lead to unnecessary bottlenecks in supply.” It requires that Germany and Europe should reduce their dependence on the production of medicines straight from Asia. “In Germany, is so well made as anything more. We need to shift the production of the relevant active ingredients and back again,” says Rüdiger, who is also Chairman of the Berlin-based pharmacy Association. The statement, pharmacist would include due to the increase of sales to the winners of the Corona-crisis, rejects Rüdiger. “You can earn with pharmacies not a Golden nose more,” she says.

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