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While it is in times of Corona to the environmental movement "Fridays for Future" stiller has become, have thought about the three App developers a model with which you are doing by the way something for climate protection.

Thus it is paid in a figurative sense, with his sweat to ensure that trees will be planted.

The Berlin-based Start-up 'Active Giving' would like to fitness encourage lovers to their sporting achievements record and do something for the reforestation of forests.

"Active Giving": App for fitness lovers and environmentalists

Laurent Petit, Till Harnos and Brittany Salas are the minds behind the App "Active Giving", the principle is as simple as it is clever: For each round of Jogging, Yoga or walking tour, kilometers, calories, or exercise minutes in the App to track and then later in the tree donations convert. Depending on the sport, different efforts are necessary.

While Jogging 2.5 km range, for example, to plant a tree. In the case of Yoga sessions it takes one hour until it has earned a tree.

'Trees for the Future' and 'Eden Reforestation Projects' the organizations with which the Start-up for this idea of cooperation. Financed the Prohekt about ads and product placement advertising in the App.

Beta Version of the App is already available

The App is in its infancy, but the Potential is great. A year ago, the founders tested the concept on Instagram: participants were able to your recorded mileage and calories during the workout with the mention of in to the social network to upload, and then the Team calculated manually, the number of to plant trees.

"In not even a year, we have a very active Community of several Thousand followers to build up, which has submitted over 15,000 of activities,“ says Till Harnos in an interview with the trade magazine 'Gründerszene' about the positive results.

Almost 70,000 trees have been planted and more will follow.

Since this week, they can be found on the Website of 'Active Giving' register to test the Beta Version of the application.