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The toilet paper Hoarding seems to have finally come to an end After a limited representative special analysis of the Federal Statistical office, sales of toilet paper was, for example, in the week after Easter (13.-19.4.) as in the previous week, nearly two-thirds below the average for the months of August 2019 to February 2020.

Also in the case of other products such as pasta, rice, and tomato paste, with which the consumer previously had to cover because of the Corona of a pandemic on a large scale, but decreased in the paragraph. As reasons for the statistician suspected on Thursday short-term bottlenecks in supply as well as a saturation of demand.

A similar development, stated the market research firm Nielsen. In the past few weeks, more than a third of consumers in Germany in the food retail and drugstore markets have kept before, said Jens Ohlig Chairman of the Board of management of Nielsen, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the German press Agency.

Shopping normal behaviour again

“Currently we can observe, however, that the purchases move slowly in the direction of the normal range.”

This is according to his estimates, due to the fact that the consumers have with particular products for a longer period of time. “So we observed, for instance, in the case of toilet paper or soups in year-on-year comparison is already in a decline,” said Ohlig.

The market research company evaluates the sales performance of certain products in the food trade and drugstores in comparison to the previous week.

Alcohol and condoms were in high demand over the holidays

Before Easter (6.-12.4.) a detected consumers according to the Wiesbaden-based authority with a beer (plus 26 percent) or wine (plus 3 percent). In the weeks before and afterwards, the demand for alcohol was rather below average.

The sale of condoms was before the holidays is relatively high (plus 6 percent). Particularly in demand were reported to be from 12. to 22. March (plus 56 percent).

All want to stock up on disinfectants

Above average in size, the demand for soap and disinfectants no longer continue, even if the sales numbers are as high as in March were. In the week after Easter, the sales of disinfectants was 71 per cent above the average for the six months from August 2019 to February 2020. In the case of soap, there were 10 percent more.

At the same time, has increased in the crisis, the demand for fruit and vegetables. According to the statisticians, the sales figures of fruit last still 4 per cent and of vegetables by 10 percent over the Six-month average.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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