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The Coronavirus pandemic is already arrived also in Sweden. However, while elsewhere in Europe the public life to a standstill, are open Swedish Restaurants, and also the basic schools. The Swedes are even encouraged to go outside and enjoy the spring sun. But it is the doubt in the country is growing, whether of Swedish exceptionalism is the correct containment of the novel Coronavirus.

“We must not allow the human misery of Wuhan and Bergamo in Sweden repeated,” appealed to the biggest Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” on Sunday in an editorial. “That would be a game with the most basic social principle that all human life is valuable.” The commenter requested either for stricter measures or broad-based virus testing.

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Coronavirus: everyday life in Sweden, there is (almost) normal

The head of government Stefan Löfven called on his compatriots in a televised address, to “take responsibility” and to adhere to the official recommendations. That is to say, to work in the home office to remain in the event of illness at home, to keep a distance. Members of a risk group, and people over 70 should not also go out of the house.

The Swedish health authorities called on the population to refrain from visiting the relatives at Easter. Secondary schools and universities are closed, and teach online. Events with up to 500 people are allowed. Also, the Ski places were open for a long time. Only at the borders of Stockholm as the EU moves-States, and prevents unnecessary traffic. However, it is said in a press release of the Ministry of justice: “The ban is particularly true for foreign nationals, the try, from a country outside the European economic area or from Switzerland to Sweden to enter. (…) The ban does not include travel from another EU country after Sweden to Swedish citizens.”

For many Swedes, the life goes on despite this, almost normal. On weekends, the Restaurants and Bars were full and at peak times, and the Stockholm buses in the floor, the usual crowd. In the neighboring country of Norway, however, have already been closed for two weeks, schools and shops and sporting and cultural events banned. Also in Finland, the measures were tightened. So Restaurants and cafes have been closed, such as the Finnish Ministry of economy announced.

Restaurants open, but only with table service

On Tuesday intensified in Sweden, the restrictions, if only a little. Restaurants, cafes and pubs remain open. But in the Local, only the operation at the table for seated guests to be until Further notice, allowed, stated the social Minister, Lena Hallengren and health authorities chief Johan Carlson at a press conference. At the Bar, no drinks or food may not be served more. Take-Away food and Buffets are not affected by the measures.

In the case of criticism of the relatively relaxed handling of the pandemic, politicians refer to the advice of the health authority. The currently recommends no more stringent measures and argued that the Elderly should stay home, not the children. The Parliament has brought in a bill on the path that allows the closure of primary and nursery schools – if this should be necessary. “When the health authority requires decisions of the government, we will do that quickly,” says Hallengren.


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To sit “at home is also bad for health”

However, not all parts of the country, this confidence in the health authority. On the Internet, the authority will be inundated with criticism and hate comments: you put people lives at risk, is the accusation. In the strategy of the health authority, the has changed nothing.

On Monday, the Swedish epidemiologist Johan Giesecke, who works as a consultant for the world health organization (WHO) encouraged people not to hide in the house. To sit “at home is also bad for the health,” he said in the public-service television channel SVT. “Grab a friend and go in a Meter of distance for a walk. Take a thermos and sit on a Park bench”, recommended by the scientists.

On Tuesday, the Deputy state epidemiologist, moved to Different wall the most. In a press conference, he said that Sweden should not Shutdown, as reported by public law “Sveriges Radio”. Those who could, should remain active, “in the interest of good public health”.


Denmark, due to the Coronavirus, a "Lockdown" and decides extreme measures

Covid-19-Tests for the acutely Ill

On the question of why the strategy in Sweden, the other European countries is different, said Wallsten, each country had to explain his own actions. He added that various factors would play in the countries of a role, so “Sveriges Radio”. These included, for example, in what stage each country is in relation to the epidemic, and the disease control and policy would be operated.

The reported infections, according to the epidemic in Sweden is not much worse than in the neighbouring countries. Until Tuesday 2510 cases were registered. In Denmark there are more than 1700 (the Færøer Islands and Greenland excluded), in Norway there are more than 2500 and in Finland 792 registered infections. 42 people died in Sweden on the effects of the Virus. Alone on Monday have been confirmed, according to “Sveriges Radio”, twelve new deaths.

But, in fact, is likely to be far more people in Sweden because there the only people to be tested with strong symptoms of the Virus. The public health authority recommend Coronavirus testing on individuals who are acutely ill with fever or respiratory symptoms, and was treated in the hospital would have to be. Similarly, health personnel should be, if it showed symptoms, tested.

Also, the climate activist Greta Thunberg has infected, according to his own information “very likely”. After a trip to Europe you’ve got several typical symptoms, reported the 17-Year-old on Tuesday on Instagram. “I felt exhausted, had the chills and a sore throat, and I coughed.” After ten days in quarantine along with her father, you’ve recovered now, though.

Sources: the news agencies AFP and DPA, “Sveriges Radio”,, government of Sweden, Ministry of economic Affairs of Finland, Folkhälsomyndigheten, police of Denmark, Institute for health and welfare in Finland, folkehelse instituttet

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