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The Coronavirus from spreading further. In Europe, especially Northern Italy, is affected by the epidemic. In Germany, people in Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia are well-Westphalia in SARS-CoV-2 ill. Thus, in Germany, demonstrated so far, 18 infection cases, most of the Sick are now healed again. In order to protect themselves and others from infection, experts advise rules of General hygiene. Questions and answers:

How is this Virus transmitted?

Normally, the Virus is spread through droplets, for example, if one is coughing or angeniest. Or you touch a surface like a doorknob, the Virus is located and touches the mouth, the nose or the eyes. How long the novel Virus survives on surfaces, is still not cleared, an evaluation of data from other corona virus showed that the virus at room temperature for up to nine days on surfaces and infectious can remain. On average, they survive between four and five days, with cold and high humidity to increase the life. The experts assume that the results are on the current Coronavirus transferable.


Baden-Württemberg reports of two more Coronavirus infections

A stir was the realization that the Virus in stool samples to find caused. Whether it can be spread, however, can not yet say. The same applies to a Transfer by air-conditioning systems.

The incubation period-the time period between the infected and the appearance of the first symptoms, is a few up to 14 days. It is still unclear how strong the Virus is spread by Infected have no symptoms.

How can I protect myself and others specifically?

How do I wash my hands properly?

New cases in two States

Coronavirus continues to spread in Germany – NRW-Patient in critical condition

To disease-causing pathogens to get rid of, you need no expensive soap. Much more important is how to wash his hands. Whether it’s one Euro or ten – in the end, only the two stated on the packaging the main ingredients “Cocamidopropyl betaine” and “Sodium Laureth Sulfate appear in almost all of the Soaps”. They ensure that the nasty microbes are flushed at the end by the drain. When it comes to the effect against pathogens, it is absolutely no matter how good the soap lavender scent or the skin greasy. Special Soaps with antimicrobial effect are not necessary; much more, it depends on the technology. In a study, 97 percent of Americans fail to wash their hands before a meal properly: A number that should be similar to high.

The US health authority CDC has given out that’s why now a simple, step-by-step instructions for washing hands.

Breathing masks protect against infection with the Coronavirus?

Makes sense, the use of respiratory masks, especially for Ill is. Because it can make the Virus through Sneezing or coughing in your vicinity. In addition, breathing masks, nursing staff can protect, the need to exceed the recommended minimum distance of one Meter to be able to fulfil its tasks. In all other the world discourages health organization (WHO) by the use of protective masks. The most important reason: There is no evidence that SARS can be transmitted CoV-2 through the air, except when an Infected person coughs unprotected or sneezes. Another reason: The stock of such masks is not as large as desired, and should remain, a matter for the reserved, in which it actually helps.

Helps Ventilate?

This is not advisable. In the office or at home should be aired regularly. In enclosed spaces the number of viruses can rise high in the air. Regular Airing counteracts this and reduces the risk of infection. In addition, the room climate and prevents mucous membranes from drying out the mouth and nose, which are the defense of viruses, in turn, is very important, it improves.

It is now useful to let yourself against the flu (Influenza) vaccination? This also protects against the Coronavirus?

It is quite useful to against the seasonal Influenza vaccination, since the infection is happen in full swing. In Germany, the current wave began in mid-January and is not subsided since. Overall, this season (since last October) about 80,000 cases laboratory confirmed. A vaccination can protect it, even if it takes about two weeks, until the corresponding antibodies have developed. However, this does not help against the new Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, since these pathogens and Influenza viruses differ from each other. Therefore, against the Coronavirus, a separate vaccine must be developed.

A risk of Contagion through the packages, especially if you come from China?

Still there is no very precise data on the characteristics of the new Coronavirus. On the current state of knowledge but not a particularly large danger for such shipments because there is no one such infection is the case. Corona viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 survive on surfaces made of wood, metal, paper, glass or plastic, however, up to nine days, so a new publication on the subject.

Disinfection measures are especially useful where the Infected are in the vicinity, and the Virus could spread, such as in hospitals. At least in the medium alcohol-based act then within one Minute.

What do I do if I get cold symptoms?

Whether one has been infected with the Coronavirus, is for patients not identified: Typical symptoms, such as fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath or neck pain are similar to those of other common cold to suffer. Since the new Virus is considered highly contagious, it is important that you just take care of yourself and your family, but also to protect others: patients with symptoms should not go to work, and not just in a doctor’s or pediatrician’s practice marching, but only once to call them up. On the way to the doctor, and a close – fitting mouth-and nose protection is not useful in order not to endanger others. They expect that if they are separated in practice from other patients and may be a Corona-fast test subjects.

Anyone who feels healthy, but contact with a confirmed Corona had patients or Recently in a high-risk area (China’s provinces of Hubei or Zhejiang, an updated list is available here), should immediately inform the health office and the contact with other people to avoid. Who gets to return from a Corona-affected Region, such as North Italy or South Korea cold characters, you should directly call his doctor and to the trip point.

Covid-19 is a notifiable disease. What does this mean?

Outbreak in Lombardy

The Coronavirus is from Italy plunges into recession?

The infection protection act to designate certain contagious diseases as reportable, to be able to preventing their spread. The new Coronavirus has been added to the list recently. Doctors and laboratories to report proven cases of infection by name to the local health Department, so that it can contact the Affected and prevent the spread of flame. The health Department reports without attribution to the country, and finally all the data collected by the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, in order to obtain a national Overview, and to maintain the statistics.

How do I find the responsible for my health Department?

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has set up a search engine by postal code, you can find it here. Otherwise, County and city authorities in the city-States of the district offices, all the relevant information.

Trips to Italy are risky?

The Foreign office updated its travel information for all countries on this page. If and as long as it is possible, the outbreak in the affected regions of Italy curb, there is no travel warning for the country as a whole. The situation is, however, the Ministry said, “very dynamic“. In principle, for example, an interruption of the train – and air traffic can be ruled out.

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