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As a Snack, in cereal or as a Topping in a salad: nuts correct nutrient bombs, because they contain many unsaturated fatty acids and plenty of B – and E-vitamins.

In addition, Macadamia, cashew nuts, and co. points with a high content of minerals such as potassium, Magnesium, and phosphorus, which are, among other things, for the building of hormones and cells important.

However, not always the body can absorb the healthy nutrients.

Nuts contain small amounts of harmful substances

In addition, plug in all plant foods in higher quantities in nuts and seeds, certain enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. These are natural substances, which is biologically necessary for the preservation of the nuts.

Phytic acid protects the seed in the growth phase, while the enzyme-inhibiting substances to prevent premature Sprouting.

However, these substances for the human body, can be harmful, because they bind to nutrients and, in consequence, digestive problems, or nutrient deficiencies can cause.

For this reason, you should make sure how you consume nut fruits.

Soaking makes nuts healthier

The fitness trainer and nutritionist Simran Khosla from the USA is recommended in a Posting on Instagram, nuts and seeds before eating to soak.

On the way, the potentially harmful substances to solve – the do-nuts are not only healthier, but also easier to digest.

So you can be sure that many of the nutrients are absorbed by the body. According to Khosla, one should soak the small bowl of fruit over night, but at least eight to 24 hours in a bowl of warm water.

The expert explained that many skip due to lack of time to take this important step in front of the nut consumption.

Although the Crunch in the cereal lost, but the Soaking was important to get the Maximum out of the small nutrient bombs.

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