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Hara Hachi Bu. What at first sounds like a weird Niesanfall, could actually help a lot of people relaxed when you Remove and Keep the feel-good weight.

In the case of Hara Hachi Bu is a Japanese slimming method – and very effective.

To fill the stomach only 80 percent

These Confucian-inspired wisdom says as much as: "Stop eating when your stomach is 80 percent full." Moderation, then, is in the agenda.

The residents of the area of Okinawa since the generations of this regulation and are statistically even with the oldest people of the earth. In doing so, you keep your weight over the whole of life into old age.

Originally, this arose not saying, however, is to lose weight. Much more it was in the time of the former food shortages around the world. Nevertheless, the method shows even now their effect.

The signals of the body pay attention

Especially in today’s time, in the like between the door and the Angel hastily down a bit looped, it can help the 80 per cent principle, people with your body weight.

Here you can enjoy in addition to a couple of stripped-down Kilos even on a different fact.

Because by Hara Hachi Bu, one recovers the ability to pay attention to the body’s signals and act accordingly.

The overly large portions, Sweetening and preservatives in our beverages and consumer society have led to the fact that, in many cases, not really on the Hunger or satiety is heard.

The result is that Often already eaten, when the body actually has no Hunger, and only stopped, when you’re already half in a food coma.

Mindful eating-learn again

You follow now, Hara Hachi Bu, you can hear again on his body and learn to recognize when the stomach has received enough food.

Especially gourmets the 80 percent method provides a further advantage: It is, in fact, be prohibited from any particular food, unless they are eaten in bulk.

Hara Hachi Bu is thus a special Form of mindful eating. This so-called intuitive eating is enjoying ever greater popularity. No wonder, the well-being and the healthy, adequate intake of food in the center is here as well.

Of course, you should still be on a healthy and balanced diet taken not only the figure, but also for the sake of health.

Lose weight with Hara Hachi Bu? The Fit For Fun-Conclusion

The says our Nutritionist Elina feeder to: "Whether mindful eating, intuitive eating, or just Hara Hachi Bu – all these names describe the principle, to eat over the saturation limit. In Ayurvedic nutrition, one should eat only so much that you can to about two-thirds "voll" feels.

When these two-thirds, or 80 per cent are achieved, you feel best when you eat slowly and consciously. Keywords: Mindfulness. Concentrate on your meal and don’t eat by the way. We are distracted by PC, mobile phone or TV, don’t we notice often at all, that we are full.

When we listen to our feeling of satiety, overeating, we us less this of course helps in losing weight, as we take smaller portions to us. Nevertheless, it should be ensured that the meals are varied and colorful, designed with colourful vegetables, legumes and other vegetable proteins, seeds, nuts and healthy fats. As a result, the feeling of satiety lasts longer.

Enjoy the meal and chew thoroughly. To eat when you have the feeling to be almost full, stop and wait another 20 to 30 minutes. You will notice that Although you’ve eaten less than usual, feel now but stuffed."

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of “Hara Hachi Bu: The easiest diet in the world?” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.