Woman fails in lawsuit against pharmaceutical company Bayer

For the past seven years, the now 34-year-old Felicitas Rohrer is fighting in court against Bayer. Makes you side effects of of the group displaced contraceptive pill “Yasminelle” for a suffered pulmonary embolism are responsible. Now her claim was dismissed by the district court of Waldshut-Tiengen.

The health problems of the wife were not the result of doubt on taking the anti-baby pill, decided by the court. Because other causes are possible, Rohrer not entitled to Pain and suffering. In addition, you must bear a large part of the cost of the process.

Felicitas Rohrer 2015 for a court date.

The former veterinarian from the Ortenaukreis suffered in June 2009, a bilateral pulmonary embolism and Circulatory collapse with cardiac arrest, which nearly led to the death. Rohrer is convinced that this emergency occurred as a side effect of the active ingredient drospirenone, which is contained in the pill “Yasminelle”.

Because the manufacturer is not informed, in your opinion, about the risk of thrombosis, has sued Bayer in 2011 to at least € 200,000 in damages for Pain and suffering. In the case of a thrombosis is a blood clot that Hiking then, as in the case of the woman through the bloodstream, and the important vessels in the lungs can close.

“It is with great probability on the pill due to the”

In the course of the proceedings, the court heard an expert on the case. This should explain whether there was a direct connection between taking the pill and pulmonary embolism. The life-threatening disease, the woman is likely due to the previous use of the pill, said the medic. Other causes are very unlikely. You could, however, be excluded without a doubt.

According to the report, many questions remained unanswered, said the judge, Claudia Jarsumbek that the case was complex and difficult. In October, the court called on the counterparty, therefore, to an out-of-court agreement. This request was, however, followed none of the parties Involved, said the judge.

To make on the dangers of hormonal contraception to the attention of, Felicitas Rohrer teamed up with three other thrombosis-affected women, the Initiative “risk pill”. Meanwhile, it is pointed out in the case of preparations containing the active ingredient drospirenone, to be clearer on the risk.

Overall, the risk is low to develop due to hormonal prevention of thrombosis. A 2014 published Red-Hand-letter names the following Figures for the risk:

Risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism when taking pills with the following Progestogens (combined with Estrogen)

Typical symptoms of a thrombosis swelling on the ankle or on the leg, the calf pain can be like a soreness, sometimes, the skin turns a bluish.