Why Kiosk and petrol station, threaten the heart

Mini-markets in gas stations or Kiosks with long opening Hours are convenient, but may be bad for the arteries: The closer such transactions to the apartment, the higher the risk for calcification of the coronary vessels.

Researchers from Chicago have studied the effect of Fast Food Restaurants and small grocery stores in the neighborhood on the health of the cardiovascular system. They found that the probability of an atherosclerosis of coronary vessels increased by 34 per cent, if someone lived in the vicinity of small shops with extended opening Hours. Study leader Professor Kiarri Kershaw explains this with the unhealthy foods, which are almost round-the-clock access: "They have a wide range of unhealthy food products, including cigarettes, and Alkohol", so Kershaw.

The researchers had compared for the study, data from ten years to the development of calcification of the coronary arteries in young adults, with the percentage share of Mini-markets and gas stations within about 3 miles of the place of residence of the participants.

The question of when and for what reasons people choose healthy food or not, the science for years. A further study by U.S. researchers from the year 2017 came in contrast to this investigation, the end result is that eating habits are less due to the geography rather than on differences in income, education, and nutrition knowledge.