Why die in Germany relatively few people Covid-19?

“The Corona-crisis has hit Germany with full force. The infections are growing rapidly, a point, however, the country is remarkably resilient: In comparison to the infections, the number of deaths so far, tiny.” The British Financial Times (paywall), describes the current Situation half of the ver-, half-admiringly. Depending on the counting method 106* (Johns Hopkins University) or 55 people (Robert Koch Institute) in Germany to the consequences of infection died. For comparison: In the past 24 hours 400 people alone have lost in Spain and Italy, the fight against the Coronavirus. What, asks the paper, runs here so different?

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Good question, complicated answer(s): “We have no real explanation. It is probably a combination of different factors,” says Richard Pebody of the world health organization. Several reasons come into question:

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Preliminary conclusion: Germany seems to be in the Corona-crisis things correctly to make. But at the same time, “The vast majority of patients was infected in the last two weeks, and we are likely to see in the future more severe cases, as well as a change in the death rate”, as the Heidelberg virologist Hans-Georg says Kräusslich.

Sources: FT, Johns Hopkins University, RKI, DPA, AFP

*Update, 12 O’clock, 23. March 2020: Previously was at this point of 93 death-the speech cases. According to the Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths has risen in connection with the Coronavirus in Germany on 106. We have updated the article accordingly.

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