What is the German Corona-deaths known

The Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 continues to spread: More than 19,800 registered cases in Germany so far, and per day more than a Thousand new infections come up to date. The case of high numbers, especially in international comparison: Germany is currently on rank 4 of the countries with the most infections. More well-known cases, there are so far only in China (81.000), Italy (of 47,000) and Spain (21.500).

Dealing with the disease

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Experts believe to know the reason: In Germany there is a comparatively tested, often to the novel Coronavirus – the more Tests are performed, the higher the ratio of the discovered cases. At the same time the number of infections detected – the so-called dark figure drops. Germany had capacity for a week to 160,000 Tests, had declared RKI-chief Lothar Wieler recently.

Another statistic is also noteworthy: in Spite of the relatively high case, comparatively few people died in Germany from infection. More than 65 of the deaths are, according to American “Johns Hopkins University” yet. With a view to the neighbouring countries, these Figures are low. For comparison: In Spain, with approximately 21.500 demonstrably Infected more than 1000 people died. In Italy, more than 4000 people have survived the infection, with a total of 47,000 cases registered.

The Figures from Germany give hope, but should not be overrated. In this country, the deaths are likely to increase in the coming days and weeks – namely, when many people move into the critical Phase of the disease. Given the highly dynamic situation might change the Situation at any time, experts stress. How deadly a disease or a pathogen is, in principle, be specified with the so-called “Case Fatality Rate” (CFR). It is to be calculated during a current outbreak, and can vary greatly.

Deaths in Germany – it is known

The dynamic situation is also reflected in the information on the death cases. Not all of the comprehensive data available. So, in individual cases, it is unclear what gender the victims were or whether they were suffering from pre-existing conditions. An analysis of the portal “Coronavirus.Now” provides an insight in the statistics. The data is based on information from a total of 401 urban and rural districts in Germany. You are ahead of even the Figures of the “Johns Hopkins University” a step related to the reports of the individual Federal States.

A total of 73 deaths listed, what is the Stand of the previous day (20.3.) corresponds to. The operator of the portal – a freelance Journalist – has the data of the star will be provided.

Several factors affect your risk of developing a severe course: the Elderly and the chronically Ill, according to experts a particularly high risk. Basically, the mortality rate increases with age, as well as preliminary data from more than 44,000 patients from China. In the group of over-80-Year-olds have the highest mortality rate is recorded accordingly. It is 14.8 percent. This finding is also reflected in the German death statistics.

New study on mortality in Wuhan

There is good news, however, from the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan where the mortality rate could be significantly lower than previously was suspected. The mortality is according to a new estimate by Chinese researchers to 1.4 percent of all cases of infection. The study is published in the journal “Nature Medicine” and a significantly lower mortality rate than, for example, the world health organization WHO. She had assumed a mortality of 3.4 per cent.

The authors of the epidemiologist Joseph Wu of the University of Hong Kong argue that the previous estimate would only officially confirmed cases of infection. The dark figure was but given the limited Test opportunities in Wuhan allegedly very high. The previous Rate was therefore too high. Whether a disease course is fatal, depends, as before, but the Severity of the symptoms, emphasize the researchers. Centrally located, the age of the Patients was.

The generally higher risk for the elderly and vorerkrankte patients does not mean, however, that is not younger and can develop healthy people hard. It is, as so often in statistics: A General risk assessment says nothing about the individual case.

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