What helps for mucus in the throat really

Constantly throat clearing and coughing – phlegm in the throat can be very beautiful on the nerves. What can you do against the lump in his throat, read here.

So, get rid of mucus in the throat

  • The easiest way mucus in the neck to get rid of, you can’t really call it as a home remedy: cough. This is not only the most natural manner of mucous removal. The body tells you, more or less discreetly with a cough.
  • Effectively, but not to everyone’s taste, is salt water. This dries the mucus of skin in the neck. The application is simple: add a pinch of salt in a glass of water and swallow the mixture. Then, you should drink a sufficient amount, because salt drains the body of fluid. Who doesn’t like to drink the salt water Mat, you can gargle as a substitute.
  • Not faster, but easier to get rid of mucus in the throat, if you drink even more. The mucus is so liquid and easier to cough up.
  • A sufficiently high humidity also prevents the mucus is tough and sets. It requires no expensive humidifier. Hang in Winter, a wet towel on the heating, this will not damage the dry heating air.
  • Fast Food promotes the formation of mucus. You can forego the unhealthy Snacks, you have to fight less with the mucus.
  • You can back the mucus in the throat is also a delicious way to the body. Aniseed and eucalyptus candies loosen mucus and soothe the throat.

Mucus in moderation is normal and healthy

The mucous membranes of the nose and of the respiratory tract produce more mucus – this is good and important. The mucus moist keeps the mucous membranes and protects them from drying out. He also transported out small foreign objects such as dust as well as germs from the body when we cough. Therefore, the mucus accumulates especially in the morning in the neck.

You have contracted a cold, will produce significantly more mucus and also to the purpose, the pathogens get rid of quickly. The mucus in the throat is actually something Good, as long as he is strong coughed up. Uncomfortable he is anyway. Fortunately, there are home remedies for the lump in my throat.