This is why you should every day for three walnuts to eat – Video

Some foods protect your heart against diseases. FOCUS-Online expert Dietrich Grönemeyer explained to you what they are and what they do. You will be amazed, because you don’t have to eat in Extremes.

Many people suffer from high blood pressure. This is the main cause of a heart attack. Because it leads to malignant changes, such as the calcification of the vessels.

In fact, there are some natural means to lower blood pressure:

Garlic: The substance is Alliin relaxes the intestines and has a positive effect on your digestion. A further advantage of the blood pressure lowering effect.

Grapes: they have a relaxing effect on the vessels.

Walnuts: three walnuts a day are therapeutically very valuable and lower the blood pressure significantly.

Before you resort to medication, try the natural Alternative.

Dietrich Grönemeyer is a physician, scientist and best-selling author (“home book of health” and “My back book”). On the Campus of the Ruhr-University of Bochum, he founded the Grönemeyer Institute for micro therapy. The doctor with a heart and soul also for the synthesis of high-tech medicine and natural healing. Grönemeyer is Prof. em. of the Department for radiology and microtherapy University of Witten/Herdecke.

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