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“The situation is serious.” The day before yesterday evening, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a TV-speech, which appealed especially to the rationality of each Individual: Social contacts reduced to a Minimum, is the motto of the Federal government, in order to get the corona crisis in the handle.


Working as a specialist for fingerprints?

Still, many of the measures are in this country on a voluntary Basis. The idea of a curfew triggers in many people discomfort. That’s why we’ve talked to a psychotherapist about the corona crisis – Andrea vorm Walde gives us valuable tips for dealing with domestic quarantine and why you do not need to be, in spite of being alone lonely.

The Coronavirus, the barrier of fear of loneliness and the output

Woman in Front of the forest, what frightens us on a curfew from a psychological point of view so much?

Everything In our lives to bond about. We have, so to speak, a very original desire to be in relationship with others. This is taken from us in the case of a curfew in the broadest sense. The fear of being alone threatened to so something really Basic. This includes the loss of freedom comes. We are not accustomed to here, absolutely.

I now fear that I don’t think it through. How do I calm down if I can get out of it?

I think we should not appreciate all the just below: We hold a lot more than we think before. With my clients I always stress the importance of the reality-relatedness, because that is grounding and keeps you from excessive thinking:

Yes, we may be obliged to stay at home. But we are healthy, have a roof over your head, very much entertainment, the opportunity at any time to get food, and in today’s age many contact opportunities via phone and Internet. Now we need to control our thoughts positive.

What can I do to free myself from the fear to be locked up, to distract?

To do is actually the right word. To come into action, is always the best way, because we take the feeling of powerlessness. It doesn’t matter what we do – a small sports program, cleaning the house, and an unread book to take to the Hand… The variety makes it, because both physical as well as mental exercise should be. And the net is full of Offers, free of charge: Yoga classes, YouTube Tutorials, Podcasts, and so much more.

I’m warning all the way to the thoughts, to feel imprisoned. In reality we are not; we must also leave in the case of the curfew for certain purposes, at any time, the apartment. It is important to understand.

What do I do if I live alone and fear of loneliness have?

This is sure to be a special challenge. But we are today much better off than in the past. Because what else is often also a curse, now a blessing for Our ways to be active online, are endless, and secure us against the radicals, to be alone.

The social media allow a constant exchange, even at night, and I personally video treasures calls by Zoom. This program I use since a long time for Online coaching. And the curfew was supposed to come, and then also for the coffee gossip with my parents, and the Prosecco evening with Friends.

But what of the older part of our population that does not have these options?

Here I see the biggest problem. Because as I said, we need people relationship to others, or depression and physical diseases. There is only the possibility of the call; we should then at least with those more often, the numbers we have.

I’m thinking of how we can make it, more old people, so that we can offer you contact. Care services or religious facilities, such as our phone number. On Facebook-help groups together just. We need to be active!

And, one thing is clear: If we help others who are worse off, keeps us upright. So, our Psyche is ticking.”

Andrea vorm Walde, a therapist, a Coach and healing practitioner for psychotherapy. Your clients are cared for in a Hamburg-based practice, and online. Tips from your there is also a regular on your Blog.

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