The WHO warns the number of deaths from measles has increased significantly

After great success in the fight against measles will spread currently around the world. Around 140,000 people died according to estimates of the world health organization (WHO) in the last year of the highly infectious disease, mostly of children under five years of age. The death toll is in the long-term comparison, although declining, in the year 2000, more than 535,000 people with the disease have succumbed to it yet. Recently, the Numbers rise again. So it was 2018 the WHO estimated that around 16,000 measles Deaths more than in 2017. Especially in the Congo, the measles spread in many places. A reason for low vaccination rates, according to the WHO. Experts lament gaps in the supply of the vaccines.

Measles vaccination

How dangerous measles are ten questions about the disease

Similar to how the death figures of the estimated infections, which have increased after a sharp decline in also changed recently. According to WHO estimates, there were 2018, nearly 9.8 million measles cases in the previous year, nearly 7.6 million.

Include measles symptoms is a rash of the oral mucosa and the characteristic brownish-pink spots on the skin. The infection temporarily weakens the immune system, so that it is easier to otitis media, Bronchitis, pneumonia, or diarrhea. A particularly dreaded consequence of inflammation of Brain, which can be fatal.

As in many countries, there is no reporting obligation exists, according to the WHO, only a small fraction of measles cases are known. The vast majority of infections have been reported to 2019 to mid-November from the Congo. The authorities believe that alone there are more than 5000 people died of measles – far more than the Ebola outbreak since the summer of 2018 with approximately 2200 dead so far.

Measles in the United States

In Europe it arrived in the Ukraine to a large outbreak with almost 57.000 reported cases. Also in Liberia, Madagascar and Somalia, there are big problems with the measles. In these five States, half of all reported measles cases eliminates, ultimately. In the United States, which was once considered to be measles-free – the tendency is rising again, the country has recorded so many cases like for the last 25 years. Only last week, died in the Polynesian island state of Samoa, at least 53 people in the case of a measles outbreak.

“The health systems are weakened in some countries. Since there are often gaps in the supply chain, in particular the measles vaccine,” said Marcus Bachmann, for the organization “Doctors without borders” last several times the head of operations in the Congo. The measles vaccine should be refrigerated until administration permanent, also it was in many countries a great challenge.

Specifically in the Congo, the fight against Ebola at the center, which is also financially noticeable’m also. “The people are not able to understand this imbalance at all. They have great Concerns about the measles, because they kill their children often,” said Bachmann. For the coming year, there is little reason for optimism, said Bachmann. The typical problems in some countries poor Monitoring and slow examination of new cases, a lack of vaccinations and, in principle, the uncertainty caused by the conflicts – would finally “tomorrow” to solve.

Disease memory

Measles attack the immune system and weaken it in the long term

“The fact that a child dies due to a disease such as measles, can be prevented by vaccination, is frankly an outrage and a collective failure in the protection of the publishers, said the most vulnerable,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO. The organization, according to the vaccination rates have remained in the past decade, but globally constant.

The WHO estimates that 86 percent of children receive a first vaccination, and only around 70 per cent but the recommended second dose. According to the WHO, vaccination coverage of 95% with two doses in each country is necessary in order to protect the population against the disease.

Measles vaccination is effective 1. March

In Germany were counted according to the Robert Koch Institute from January until the end of November 501 measles-cases – in 2018, it was during the same period, 528 cases. The Numbers in Germany vary from year to year, however very. They were in the past ten years, between 165 and 2465 cases per year.

For stronger protection against the highly contagious disease, the Bundestag approved in November a law for compulsory vaccination. It should 1. March enter into force in 2020. Parents then need to demonstrate prior to admission to daycare centers or schools that their children are vaccinated. For children who go to kindergarten or to school, the evidence up to 31. July 2021 to be done. In the case of violations up to 2500 Euro fine threaten. To access the vaccination requirements for teachers and educators, as well as for personnel in medical facilities.

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