The first case of death by a mysterious new respiratory disease in China

For the first time, a Patient at the mysterious new lung disease died, which broke out in China. As the health Commission of the Central Chinese metropolis of Wuhan said on Saturday, in addition, seven patients in critical condition. Overall, the novel Coronavirus has been found in 41 Patients, considered to be the trigger. Two patients had already been discharged from the hospital. Since one week no new infections had been discovered.

According to officially unconfirmed media reports in Hong Kong, it should be in the deceased patient is a 61-year-old man who also suffered from cancer and chronic liver diseases. He died on Thursday evening. The man had heard how most of the other patients to visitors of the market, which is considered as the origin of the disease. On the Huanan market, the since 1. January is closed, were sold, besides fish and wild animals.

Virus is present in humans and in the animal world

A contagion among humans has not yet been demonstrated. “There is no clear evidence for Transmission from human to human have been found,” said the health Commission of Wuhan. Among the more than 700 people, including more than 400 medical staff that had contact to the patient, had been found no infections.

Chinese experts have identified as the causative agent of a new type from the group of corona viruses, such as the world health organization on Thursday announced. Such viruses often cause harmless colds, however, also pathogens include dangerous respiratory diseases such as Sars and Mers. The Virus is found in people and in the animal world. A Skip of the highly variable virus between animal species or from animals to humans is not uncommon. However, every new Virus is a cause for concern.

If necessary, the mouth wear protection

At the beginning of the great journey wave to the Chinese new year on 25. January drew the attention of the health Commission to the fact that in this time, infectious diseases are easily spread. People should always avoid well-ventilated, crowded places, and if necessary oral protection. Those who suffer from fever, or respiratory diseases, should immediately go to the doctor’s name.

Other Asian States have enhanced precautions upon entry, especially by travellers from Wuhan and fever controls introduced to prevent a feared spread. In South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, there are already suspected cases. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing issued a warning for travelers to Wuhan.

The condition of the patient, as well as the spread of the disease is currently “controllable”, said Wang Guangfa, a member of the national team of experts in Wuhan, according to the official Xinhua news Agency. The proportion of severe cases was also inflammation comparable with ordinary cases of lung.

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