The cancellation of the concert and the arrest: what happened to rapper Husky in Krasnodar

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What happened?

Why arrested Husky?

What will happen to the Husky rapper?

Wednesday, November 21, for residents of Krasnodar was marked by scandal. In the epicenter of events was a rapper Husky that tried to speak for the fans prohibitions against the Prosecutor’s office. He started playing my tracks on the street, but then he found himself under arrest. What happened that ill-fated day, why Husky was arrested and now faces rapper — read more below.

What happened?

Dmitry Kuznetsov (so called rapper Husky passport) performs as part of “Prank tour”. In Krasnodar, in the club Arena Hall was to take place the next concert. However, everyone who bought tickets, we began to come SMS-the message on change of venue of the action at club Bounce.

“Concert moved to another club Krasnodar — the Prosecutor’s office intimidated a platform closing, inspections, etc. date and time not changed”, — told RBC Manager Husky Andrew Nuts.
But at the new location the concert to take place was not meant to be. This time, interfered with law enforcement officers. Husky already being prepared, but the room suddenly shut off the electricity.

According to Andrew Smith, the lights went out when the band was at the soundcheck. The band were forced to sit in the pitch dark, but “just fire” got on the phone with a lawyer.

“Inwhat we Vclub came some strange people, all types of the left, which began to Shine flashlights,” explained Andrew Nuts.
Rapper Husky heard the noise that was making fans. Together with his team he left the club. Stood next to the car, which is Husky and villages. From there he began to perform his track “ay”. However, the happiness of the fans was not destined to last long — soon the police took Husky. As explained Nuts, they “pushed into the car, no name nothing, just taken away.”

Why arrested Husky?

The TV channel “360” reports that the rapper Husky detained simply for “a talk”. Police allegedly wanted to prevent the unauthorized concert. But human rights activists “Postcards” reported that the reason was that the Husky was standing on the roof of another car, which could cause damage.

The rapper was going to send for a medical examination on the state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication. But the Huskies refused to undergo this procedure. According to the lawyer of the musician Aleksey Avanesyan, Husky believes that the failure of the concert was planned because “some Prosecutor doesn’t like the text of a few songs.”

But today it became known that in fact the reason for the arrest Husky was the request of the Deputy to the head of the interior Ministry of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltseva to check the creativity of the rapper. A law enforcement source claims that the request was sent to the Center “e”, which allegedly found in the songs of rapper signs of extremism.

What will happen to the Husky rapper?

It is also known that for five hours the police could not determine which articles of the administrative code to draw Husky. However, later it became known that he immediately drew up three protocols. So, rapper Husky is accused of illegal organization of mass stay of citizens in public places, disorderly conduct, coupled with disobedience to the lawful demand of a representative government, and of failing to undergo a medical examination.

For each of the protocols, the maximum penalty is 15 days in jail. The court to be held on November 22.

We will add that also, the media reported that the Prosecutor’s office became interested in the lyrics of rapper Husky and checks them for extremism.

By the way, with the cancellation of the concerts, the Husky rapper was confronted in October. He reported that the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office intends to cancel concerts in Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm and other cities. The rapper claims that the reason for this was the song “Poem of the Motherland” where is the line: “Remember when you died and we ate your flesh…”. As Husky says, they found incitement to cannibalism. Songs found Nazi propaganda of sexual debauchery and insulting the feelings of believers.

On November 20, there were problems with holding a concert in Rostov. The security forces warned the team Husky on “preventing extremist activities and violations of the legal requirements for holding a public event”. The club Director asked the rapper to leave the club, but he refused. Despite bans and warnings, he still spoke to the audience without music and microphones. In Krasnodar did not happen — it all ended with arrest.