Teachers tell of depression: Two days before the teaching sample, I let me instruct“

Stefanie was in her darkened bedroom and tried to get up. You couldn’t do that. The Motivation, from which she had shortly after graduation, was gone. So, as they had never been there. “It was like a giant mountain in front of me opened up and I, how shall I overcome him”, the teacher to describe her feelings. During the clerkship, it was your days impossible to leave your bed to go to school and teach. She had a history of depression. Your friend tried to motivate them, first of all in vain. “We have brought sometime a cat, so I get up and was forced to give her food,” says Stefanie.

Like Stefanie, it goes to thousands of trainees and teachers in Germany. This is the result of 2018, a representative survey of the Federal Institute for work protection and work medicine. The head of the study surveyed more than 200,000 workers in Germany. Accordingly, suffers every second teacher is under depletion conditions, 40 per cent headaches, nervousness and irritability, 35 percent of sleep disorders.

In 2006, the since often-quoted the Potsdam teachers study with 16,000 respondents teachers the result: The Burnout Rate of teachers and educators is 29 percent higher than in all other Professions. Since then, seems to have improved a little. Especially the clerkship, the exchange of theory and practice, provides aspiring teachers with great challenges. At once to teach in front of classes, where often young people sit, only little older than themselves. About one in seven of the clerkship. One of them is Nico’s.

“My traineeship has taken me the joy of life”

“I’ve lost during my traineeship, the joy of all, the joy of life,” says Nico, 26. His heavy depression didn’t start so insidiously, that he noticed her first, maybe not true wanted. First he worked too much, then also in his spare time, until he thought only of the teaching preparations and what would happen if he failed. Like Stefanie, he also says: “I couldn’t get up.”

Nico, actually, a passionate sportsman, made during his legal traineeship no Sport more. Even the simplest everyday tasks, robbed him of the power he was – so he believed – for his upcoming teaching needed sample. The fear is no perfect lesson to deliver, was it that drove him, ultimately, in the psychiatry. Nico felt for weeks, alone and overwhelmed. He completed his legal clerkship at a secondary school in Schleswig-Holstein. There, it is common to address right at the beginning without any help prior to the classes. Something that the prospective teachers from your study are not accustomed to. The abzuliefernde teaching sample did Nicos seminar leader as a perfect lesson. Nico was a busy week of preparation, but fear of failure remained.

“I had lost a lot of weight and the appetite lost. After school, I had to lie down for the first time, because I was so ready. I was no longer in the physical and mental Constitution, more to teach you.” As Nico no longer has the strength to make something to eat, he knew he had to act.

“Friday, the lesson was two days before I can introduce myself,” he says. “I was at the end. I was afraid to go to school. Instead, I went to a psychiatric hospital.”

“It is important not to define themselves through performance,”

Nico remained there three months. Today he knows: He is one of the trainees that want to make everything perfect, to perfect. A mistake that can lead prospective teachers in the worst case, in the Depression, says Dirk Lehr, Professor of health psychology at the University of Lüneburg. He has a lot of research on this topic and studies of other authors evaluated. Teaching has even developed an Anti-Stress-Training specifically for teachers to strengthen their Psyche. He noticed that many of the young teachers tend to perfectionism. Therefore, stresses of teaching, it is important not to define himself by his performance.

“You have to understand that not everything needs to be 100% perfect. It is also okay if a few things are running just okay, the bad. It may be 70 percent,” he says. People like Nico should be set according to the Professor’s borders. Say: “In two hours I want to be with this class preparation done. And if it is not then perfect, then so be it. People need to learn that not Perfect to endure.”

“People forget that we educate the children to choose and no one kill”

But it is just a false perfection is not idealism that drives trainees in the Depression. Stefanie pulled her internship. Also, because her mother threatened to put her in a clinic. Four and a half years have passed since then. Today, she is a total school teacher for math and chemistry. At the time she was 24, since two months of the Trainee. It was mainly the pressure, the poor staff-student ratio and sometimes catastrophic conditions in your school that you afflict. Now she’s better. Better, but not good. Depression is not a disease, which is a Time way. “You only have learned to pay attention to the signs,” says Stefanie. “I’m not yet 30 and I feel overworked already constantly exhausted. I sleep too little, my social life suffers. I’ve lost friends, now also my friend. I don’t know how long I can keep this up.”

Of course, you know that there are professions with a much higher work load. “But people forget that we educate the children to choose the later, and no one should murder. This must be a Bank Manager.” At her first school, many students had severe behavioral and conduct disorders.

“You have to give to the students at the University of the tools, how they survive”

“Hardly anyone knows how that feels as a young woman, when two heads of the larger Boy says to you: ‘have you say nothing to me and you are a Fucking teacher!’ My self-confidence was on the floor. You have to give to the students at the University more tools at Hand, how they survive. And I mean really survive.”

Added to this was for Stefanie, your seminar leader had during your traineeship, hardly any time for you, because she herself worked full-time, by the way, mother and 17 other trainees supervised. A Problem that is familiar to Nico. Some teachers would be afraid of your Seminar leaders, or felt left alone. Nico tells of a student teacher from his home town, has killed himself. “In his farewell letter, he has made his seminar leaders, have a responsibility,” says Nico.

He himself would not make for his disease. He knows that it is not only the clerkship was, drove him to the psychiatric clinic. Nico missed his girlfriend, who lived in Portugal and barely knew anyone in the city, in which he was for the Job pulled. But he is convinced that it would have been without the internship never so bad. For teachers, he would wish that you get more support from other teachers, more can try and more be valued.

“The esteem in which the supervisor works like a shield against depression”

Dirk teaching emphasizes the important role of the recognition and appreciation of plays by superiors. “When people work in an environment where you get a lot of recognition and appreciation, which acts like a shield against depression,” he says. Exactly, the trainees and teachers like Stefanie or Nico, the treated students part of superiors to little supported lack.

For Nico it was the teaching sample, which made him depressed. Today he knows: “The teaching trial is a spectacle. This is ridiculous. A trial lesson costs 30, 40 hours of preparation time and serves only the seminar leader pretend.” His hope is that the Teaching stops at some point, your actual sense: teach the children and not to make it to the seminar leader as law.

Nico and Stefanie have now found different ways with your depression to deal with. Nico has changed his life after his therapy is complete. He moved to Portugal to be with his girlfriend and has set up his own business. Now, he offers tours through Portugal for tourists.

“Teachers need a more practical training”

Stefanie decided despite everything, to be a teacher. Actually, they may work with children, Yes, she says. “You grow a stop to the heart.” Even if you admit: There is also fear that keeps you in the profession. Fear that it will go in the free economy worse, and that you could earn less.

For aspiring teachers, especially of: wish for both studies, the practice is closer and better to the reality in schools is prepared.

“I had learned in the Uni, neither of how to teaching effectively and with little expenditure of time planning as I do with all the social problems,” says Stefanie. “Today, after almost four and a half years, I know everything, of course. At the time, made me so desperate that I’m out of bed.”

Sources: Federal Institute for work protection and work medicine, Potsdam teachers study

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