So your Smartphone helps when you visit to the doctor

The time in the treatment room is very short. Often, patients forget exactly the Details or important questions. The Smartphone can help you näthe next visit to the doctor unterstüsupport

The Smartphone can be a helpful guide when it comes to the doctor

Patients sometimes wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment. In the treatment room, the time is short, and it is only a few minutes remain, in order to bring the description of the complaints and to the point. In all the excitement, many patients forget important Details or questions you wanted to ask. It is better to take before some time to the visit to prepare. This is a classic with notes and, where appropriate, copied documents. Or with the Smartphone.

According to a recent study by the Federal Association of für the information economy, telecommunications and new media (Bitkom), 78 percent of the German üabout 14 years of a. The following check list helps you with your Smartphone to visit to the doctor prepare. We’ve created under the professional advice provided by Professor Anthony Schneider. He is the Director of the Institute für General medicine at the Technical Universität MüMunich.

Check-list for your visit to the doctor:


A visit to the doctor, it is important that you describe your symptoms clearly – and, where appropriate, in complaints such as Ünausea, fever, Appetit­impotence, dizziness, or pain. Easier &ndash said than done; especially if you läthe Viking had to wait for their appointment.

Note, therefore, short and concise in a timely manner all Auffädigit. Hold, when and by how much, for example, pain or dizziness occurred. And try to describe the symptoms well, so, for example, whether it was rotary or staggering vertigo. Or whether the pain stabbing, pulling or dull angefühave hlt. They also note the Intensität and the location of the complaints.

Especially in the case of Auffäcompletely on the skin, for example, an infection or Rötion, or other ungewösimilar symptoms such as swollen joints can the camera of the smartphone nüaddition: take pictures regelmäßig the affected area. So köyou can move the gradient up to the doctor’s appointment and also anschließend document.


Interactions or side effects of drugs as the cause of your current complaints auszuschließen, must know of the doctor, which Präparate taking – no matter whether over-the-counter or prescription, herbal or synthetic.

Because the rätselhaften names are often a difficult time remembering to photograph the packaging of the drugs. Or classic: make a Note of the name ­all Präparate.


Before and after a specialist visit or a change of the family doctor köcan certain documentation (doctor’s letter, Röntgenbilder, Allergy and patient passport, etc.). Apart from the vaccination card – it should always be in the Original taken – with the camera of a smartphone all of these documents scanned easily.

And: Röntgenauf &shy be increased;anyway ümainly digital in the practices stored and köcould you, in individual cases, by E-Mail – and also on your Smartphone – be sent. Ask your doctor’s office.


How was it with the application? The tablet before or after food to take? Sometimes it is not easy to remember the instructions. Ask your doctor whether you its instructions with the phone to record dümay. A medication plan is but zuverläof the gymnasium.


Make a note of questions you want answered. Hook according to terms in subject. You köalso w&auml can;during the Gesprächs notes to Important späto talk about ter. Schlägt, the doctor studies, he should make Use of their risks and erklären. Check with new medicines to side effects.


The calendar is a Standard feature of every smartphone. Not only doctor visits, but they also activate the alarm function, and in time to the dates to remember. You köcan use the calendar to document the date of a Symptom – füthe doctor köcan be the valuable information.

Pulse data

Smartphones can be today easily using so-called smart watches, pair. You verfügene often üa heart rate monitor and köcan record your values on the Smartphone. These data are usually not as accurate as those of a purely medi­medical Geräten, however, köyou can give important clues.

Last October, for example, was alerted James Green (28) from New York from his cell phone, because his resting heart rate ungewösimilar to high. Since he had a pulmonary embolism, went to Green a hospital. The Ädoctors found blood clots in his lungs and were able to treat him in time.

Health Apps: The you should take note of

Whether the Motivation für the Sport or for self-management – Apps köyou can unterstüsupport. That’s the point: 

  • Of operation, accessibility Is the program easy to use? Of can be used by everyone? German-speaking? There is a free technical Unterstüup? 
  • Risks The program has a CE marking (mandatory für medicine-products)? Be risks of the App described?
  • Providers, cost, data Are address and Identität of the An­tenderer? The costs are verstädaily, hourly? A Datenschutzerkl&auml is;in? It is clear what data are collected?

"Pharmacy Ort"

With this free App köyou can, among other things, a list of your medicines to save, or the laboratory values to your blood erklären.

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