So, get rid of athlete’s foot again

It may seem disgusting sound, but mushrooms grow everywhere on the skin. “The Problem is you are only when you go over small cracks or lesions in the skin and cause inflammation,” says Philipp Babilas, a dermatologist at the skin centre, Regensburg, Germany. Athlete’s foot can be the result.

The Places are more than an itchy blemishes. “Athlete’s foot can be without a therapy of the foot along the heel, spread legs up to the buttocks,” says Babilas. Then, it is also possible that the fungus in the folds at the buttocks firmly and Burning or severe itching caused. He infects the nails, they are rough, brittle, and crumbly. Therefore, the following applies: “The sooner something against athlete’s foot is made, the better.”

Its origin athlete’s foot usually between the toes. He has never let the fact that the skin there is soft and bulging, says Tatjana Pfersich, Podiatrist from Reutlingen. On athlete’s foot is a scaly horn-skin in the heel area or red pustules on the entire sole of the foot can be a sign also.

Who responds quickly, you can self-treat

Who discovered such symptoms, can only try to fight the fungus on your own: “creams, Gels and Sprays against fungal infections are available in the pharmacy without prescription,” says Ursula seller mountain of the Federal chamber of pharmacists. You a be applied up to twice daily over a large area on the affected areas. The therapy must begin quickly to prevent the Spread of the fungus to other parts of the body.

The chronically Ill, have Diabetes mellitus or rheumatism, go with a fungal disease, however, better to the skin doctor, advises Pfersich. The doctor can determine, through a sample, which is the pathogen causing the problems, and these can be specifically controlled. Also, children and pregnant women, should for safety’s sake, consult a doctor. “This brings the certainty that behind the complaints are not about a psoriasis or eczema,” says Babilas.

What should cancel patients: the therapy. “Even if the symptoms subside quickly, should be the therapy for at least two weeks,” Pfersich. In this time of strict Hygiene. Clothing that comes with the fungus in contact must be washed at 60 degrees to kill germs. The same applies for socks, washcloths, and towels. The Inside of the shoes with a Spray from the pharmacy to disinfect.

According to the athlete’s foot the Pension begins

The athlete’s foot is a healed disease, you should arm yourself – to the next mushroom to capture. Caution is indicated, for instance, where many people go barefoot. This is not only in public baths, spas and saunas of the case, but also, for example in hotel rooms. “Here, thongs are helpful,” says seller mountain.

Also recommended: the feet and the spaces between the Toes always dry. Especially after the swimming pool and sauna, it is good to use to Dry it with a separate towel. “In the wet, softened skin is a fungus can penetrate particularly well,” says Babilas. To prevent this, you can be blow dried, the spaces between the Toes with a hair dryer on low setting to dry.

Regular checks of the toes, spaces between the Toes and soles of the feet also help to discover an athlete’s foot at an early stage. “At least once a week, the feet should be taken a closer look,” recommends Pfersich.

Exercise, vitamins, adequate sleep

For the prevention of athlete’s foot also contributes to look for when buying Shoes in a breathable Material. “Thus the moisture of the foot is derived quickly again,” says seller mountain. Sports shoes should during the welding courses driving be tightened and then time to Dry. If you are prone to athlete’s foot, you can sanitize the shoes after the workout, also with a Spray.

The athlete’s foot comes after the disappearance of a infection again and again, it is, also, the feet once or twice a week as a preventive measure with a so-called wide-band anti-fungal, and to apply cream or spray. “This is a drug that is effective against multiple pathogens,” says Babilas.

Who lives in a healthy and vitamin food, exercise and adequate sleep, the rich to respect, and strengthens its defenses. Also helps protect against athlete’s foot.