Smartphones Rob students of sleep

Smartphones play in the daily lives of young people an important role. So many advantages, the devices have power, there is also a shadow side: A Belgian study shows that sleep quality and duration of students decreases when you frequently use the phone. This could also have an impact on the performance of the tests.

A survey of 1.889 students showed that those Who use more frequently than the average Smartphone, sleeps worse. The probability for a high-quality of sleep was eleven percent lower, and they slept an average of twelve minutes less per night. In the case of students, the effect was even more pronounced, and frequent Smartphone usage reduced the probability of a good quality of sleep by 20 percent.

The reasons can be many: Smartphone activities, for example, can arouse emotions, and for us to agitate, and notifications during the night, interrupting sleep. In addition, the light of the Smartphones could reduce the production of sleep hormones.

Große afraid to miss something

Many Smartphone users also have anxiety, a longer period of time "abwesend" to be, what "FOMO" (fear-of-missing-out) is referred to. Simon co., of the University of Ghent explains: "The students have the need to be accessible at any time, and don’t want to miss what’s happening in your social (Online)environment. This fear to miss something, it can lead to the production of stress hormones, which in turn disturb the night’s rest." The stronger relationship in women, the researchers explain that they are more prone to Stress in relation to social media and tend to ponder more.

A good sleep is important, because previous research of the working group have shown a causal relationship between good sleep quality and school performance: An improvement in the quality of sleep led to an increase in the results of the audit by five percent.