Shoulder problems: Alternatives to the OP

Patients with chronic shoulder complaints is often advised to surgery. However, experts recommend now, it zunäto try first with conservative therapies

Flexibility: Through targeted Training of the shoulder can be pain often relieve – without surgery

Entzüfriends Tendons and other soft parts very häoften the cause für hartnästorey shoulder pain. Orthopäthe Operation against the so-called Shoulder impingement syndrome recommend often. At the joint, a St&uuml is;ck bone removed to create under the acromion and more space. 

Such decompression surgery is performed häfrequently. However, a British study Recently showed: The surgical procedure does not bring the most Affected lot. Für Dr. Ben Ockert was this result a little üsurprising.

"Many shoulder experts provide the sole decompression since Läthe increase of the question, because only a few patients, this really beschwerdefrei", the lead physician of the section of shoulder and elbow surgery at the Universit&auml says;clinic MüMunich.

Schulte impingement syndrome: Many causes möpossible

Because there are many diseases that a Shoulder impingement syndrome cause köcan. For example, calcium deposits or small tears in a tendon and adhesions in the joint capsule. Also muscle tension and poor posture köcan be a bottleneck-syndrome. 

In all of these Fäcases, it helps to have a Mix of physical therapy, exercise, and medicines häfrequently the best. Expert Ockert: "The conservative Maßtook, you should zunäfirst, ausschöway to the top. Often the shoulder is good again."

Regelmäßige physiotherapy föpromotes self-healing

"Short-term appointments with a physiotherapist are now bekommen&quot difficult to;, surgeon Ockert says. Nevertheless, wären initially three sessions per week at best. "Pa­tients, the intensively in the treatment ­­be involved, have an advantage from the start."

Different techniques to make the joint more mobile, relieve pain and Entzündungen. If necessary, also W&auml come;rme and electricity. "This Maßtook to the Köbody in unterstüappreciate, the self-healing stimulate", Professor Thomas Horstmann says. The chief physician at the Medical Park Bad Wiessee ­directs the Technical Universität MüMunich, a group of researchers für Conservative and Rehabilitative Orthopäthe. 

However, the Patient must actively participate. "It is important that he gets in the physical therapy, the instructions to his shoulder to trainieren", Horstmann says. He has the Üexercises under professional supervision durchführen, until he mastered. 

Improvement by tägreat Workout

"Most of the people vernachläthe muscles one the back of the Rücken", Horstmann says. When driving a car or at your Desk: Always work against the player, the shoulder pull forward. Also the shoulder joint suffers from this ongoing, ein­side loads

However, muscles can be trained, in the best case, joint related problems disappear in a row. Such an impingement syndrome, the Tendon or soft tissue in the joint to be jammed. Häfrequent cause of the ÜBel: The humeral head sits too far at the top of the shoulder blade. Targeted Üexercises bring him zurück in its Central Position, the joint can work smoothly.

Endurance training relieves the symptoms of calcium deposits in the shoulder

Für a diagnosed frozen shoulder or calcium deposits in the shoulder there are other programs. "A few data indicate that calcium deposits in the shoulder is better, if the patients also your endurance training, so that the Köbody stästronger blood circulation ist", erläexplained Horstmann.

However, it requires a lot of Durchhaltevermögene, until you get relief. Surgeon Ockert: "It’s like playing the piano. It is also not good if you only once a week in the classroom übt." The expert recommends für the shoulder täcompensated for twice 20 minutes of Training über several weeks.  

Pain relievers and Corticosteroids in case of severe symptoms

Pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, Diclofenac and Paracetamol help über phases with strong ­Complaints. Ädoctors and pharmacists can advise which drug is best. "But the drugs don’t lälonger than two to three weeks in self-directed einnehmen", says Ockert.

Because these have side effects and do not treat the cause. Improving the condition of the shoulder, should be a Orthopäde the joint study.

Sometimes the doctor injects also a entzümaking-inflammatory Corticosteroid, a örtliches Betädrugs , or a Mix of both in the pain zone. You should, however, not üexaggerate, because Corticosteroids köcan the Tendons schäwalk-in.

Ockert, for example, injected früat the earliest after three months, a second and a year for a third Time. "Then, when the ­Complaints remain , and other conservative Maßtook not grab, often helps only a surgical."

Before surgery second opinion can be useful

Some shoulder problems require surgery. For Example, Knochenbrüche, größEUA cracks in a rotator muscle or Gelenkschäthe after a ­Contortion. Often, however, the finding is not so  clearly. Then you should in the case of a SURGICAL recommendation, in each case, a second expert opinion to obtain.

"The Einschäthe establishment of a non-operating Orthopäthe can ­a good decision to treffen&quot help;, Horstmann says. This has a lot of experience with conservative therapies, knows ­­their limits and has no self-interest in an Operation.

Before a procedure is performed, mümust be the causes of joint suffering known. Often trägt the bild­imaging procedures magnetic resonance imaging to a ­verläsuch a horrible diagnosis. Only if this is the right Operation to be made – with good prospects, the patients of ­to relieve his Suffering. But that rarely succeeds when only a Stück bone is removed and not the Problem­polluter pays in the shoulder repaired.

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