Shadows in the brain

Around nine kilograms has decreased the woman in the last half of the year. Now your language suddenly failed. Doctors refer to it as expressive aphasia, when patients can communicate only with difficulty with a very limited vocabulary. In addition, paralysis developing on the right side of the body of the patient. Members bring the 72-Year-old in the David Grant Medical Center in Fairfield in the US state of California.

The wife is living with kidney for two years, with a donor and, therefore, drugs that suppress your immune system. Her kidneys were affected by a disease so that the transplant had become necessary.

The Doctors note that the woman has no increased body temperature. In the case of a blood test, the number of white blood cells is in the normal range. Both speaks against an acute infection.

The half-sided paralysis could be due to a stroke or a brain tumor.

Swelling in the brain

The Team of Kathleen McKenzie examined the brain of the woman by means of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). On MRI, the doctors discover a pathological structure, a so-called ring-enhancing lesion, which has a good three inches in diameter. In addition, a brain is edema, a swelling of the brain, collects in the too much fluid.

The patient is now receiving corticosteroids, the brain swelling subsides. Her condition improved slightly. From the MRI images and the reaction to the medication the Doctors conclude that the 72-Year-old, a so-called glioblastoma, a specific type of brain tumor.

Due to the size of the structure, its location and the health status of the woman operating to Remove the tumor, unfortunately, is not advised. The doctors perform a biopsy, removing a tissue sample for further investigation send them to the lab.

A possible measure for the irradiation is now. You can increase the duration of Survival in patients with such a poor prognosis, an average of one month to seven to ten months, according to the team of Doctors in the journal “Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery”.

In the following days, the woman is increasingly poor, so that the Doctors consider the possibility to start quickly with the irradiation. You have to wait, however, the last findings of the biopsy to the happiness of the patient. This is because, in the tissue sample the doctors discover a parasite of the species Toxoplasma gondii. They trigger in humans, the disease toxoplasmosis.

The woman is holding three cats

These parasites, which are similar to the causal agents of Malaria, infect a range of animals, including poultry, pigs, and cats. People can become infected by eating raw or insufficiently cooked meat. Similarly, infection via Cat feces, so when Cleaning litter boxes is possible. The patient keeps in her apartment with three cats.

In people with an intact immune system, the infection is not usually so easy, that people notice you at all. The immune system is suppressed but, as the patient may move the pathogen to the brain, or a multi-organ failure trigger.

The 72-Year-old now gets several medicines to fight the parasites. After she gained her Speech back and the paralysis disappear. In hindsight, the Doctors are happy that they still had not recognized irradiation. Because this would have worsened the course of toxoplasmosis.