Schilddrse sub-function: when to treat?

There is a lack of Schilddrüsenhormonen that will have an effect on many features of the Köbody. But you must already be a mild hypothyroidism with thyroxine therapy?

Funktionsstöin the Schilddrüse köcan the whole Köbody impact

The hormones of the Schilddrüse are important drivers of metabolism. A deficiency has many negative consequences: complaints, such as Müvitality, sexual drive, and constipation are some of them.

The therapy with the hormone thyroxine can all fix the problems or at least mitigate. No one doubts its necessity in the case of a sub-function of the Schilddrüse.

Are thyroxine tablets are prescribed to fast?

Less clear verhäit lt, if only an indirect Test warns that The institution köcould schwäsmile. Ädoctors speak of a latent, so-light function, when only the lab value für the brain hormone TSH erhöht, that is, the Schilddrüse to the Hormon­education stimulates.

"It is gäcommon practice, in such a Fäcases very großzüto verordnen&quot gig thyroxine tablets;, Professor Matthias Weber, spokesman of the German society f&uuml says;r endocrinology. A course of action, the hormone experts since Läthe increase of questioning. However, it was missing yet to klä- generating data.

The control circuit of the thyroid gland

Normal Function

➀ The Hirnanhangdrüse the hormone Thyrotropin (Thyroid-stimulating hormone, short-TSH) in the blood. The TSH binds to cells in the Schilddrüse.

➁ The Schilddrüse forms on this Signal, the hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) and releases them into the blood. The hormones activate in the whole Köbody the metabolism.

➂ T3 and T4 reduce the release of TSH, thus limiting the amount of TSH in the blood. Than normal values are from 0.4 to 4 Milli units per Liter of blood are normally.


Because the Schilddrüse is too little hormones making schüttet the Hirnanhangdrüse more TSH to the Schilddrüto stimulate se.

The lack of Schilddrüsenhormonen füleads to symptoms such as Müvitality, lack of drive, Verstim­provisions of, muscle complaints, brüspeaking of hair and Närules, constipation, sexual aversion, and erhöhtem heart attack risk. A therapy with thyroxine is nötig.

Deferred Function

The laboratory value für Schilddrühormones is within the normal range. However, the erhöhte TSH value indicates that the Schilddrüse schwäsmile köcould. The europäof Schilddrüsenvereinigung rät:

In the case of TSH values of 4 to 10 under 70-Jäyears with typical Be­complaints test thyroxine. After three months, laboratory values and therapy be monitored for success. Äolder remain without therapy, and be examined after half a year again.

In the case of TSH-values of über 10 under 70-Jäover the years and thyroxine, äolder only with clear symptoms and a high heart attack risk.

Study: latent function not benefit from tablets

These data provided a große europäcomparing the study, exactly one year ago. In it the elderly with deferred receiving sub-function, but without any special symptoms thyroxine therapy.

Although the TSH levels normalized, but there were no positive effects on the health of: neither the muscle power nor the Denkvermögene, neither on the Köbody weight on blood pressure. Also in terms of Müspeed and Lebensqualität had the Treated not take advantage gegenüabout those, the only one Scheinpräthe Council of Europe swallowed. All of the results were published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine.

Several criteria f&uuml are important;r the treatment decision

"The study bestärequired: Whether a therapy is useful hädepends on several factors ab", Weber commented. To zäselect TSH-value, age, symptoms and other findings of the patient.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Euro­päof Schilddrüsenver­agreement wäre in the most Fäcases, no therapy nötig not have been: an average Age of 72 years, TSH values far üover the normal range, and without clear symptoms. However, in other Fäcases should be treated for a latent function.

TSH levels can significantly &ndash vary; several times measure

Professor Werner Scherbaum, Hormon­expert of the Universitäclinic Düsseldorf, hält is a further lesson für just as important: "The TSH value ­in the blood fluctuates very sharply. Therefore it is necessary to the measurement according to früat the earliest, three months to repeat, and then the diagnosis of latent Unterfunk­tion."

In the study of the second Test vorgabegem&auml was;ß. The result: 60 percent of the Studied TSH levels had returned to normal by itself. They had, therefore, not a latent function, and were not, therefore, für, a therapy in question.

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