Practical changes manage

Mom, let me help you.Practical changes manage

MIRROR KNOW has developed an eight-week care-Coaching, which helps to accompany the elderly parents in a competent manner. This is the fifth part. The other parts can be found here.

Maybe they are sensitized by the first Exercises for the fact that your parents need in some situations, more help than they had suspected. Or are you interested in this Coaching, because their parents care and in need of help and you find Ways to deal with this Situation.

This week, it is therefore a question of how you provide practical assistance to their parents. We will show you two practical tips that you can use to organize the help for their parents better.

Concrete arrangements. Your parents might have a budget in need of help? A parent needed care? Or it is simply more difficult to do the gardening and the cleaning of the window? Especially in the “second age” of 75 years of age, when first in need of help often occurs, many seniors are limitations you unsettle.

Set in a targeted manner to the problems by speaking with the parents about these specific points. Avoid, however, the great Family circle. Easier it talking casually during a walk or while Washing the dishes after dinner. The loose frame, the Talk about fearful topics are often easier to find pragmatic and concrete solutions together.

Important: do not Stay with the specific questions, you make the mistake to generalize everything, black paint, according to the Motto: “You take the stairs, can’t climb well, you should go into a home.” With increasing immobility, it also can be – a good solution to get a stair lift and trip hazards in the apartment to detect and remove.

You make a helper circles. You don’t have to do all the work. Maybe you can help the friend of the mother, who lives nearby? The neighbors have with the parents contact? Old school friends who stop by occasionally? If you live as adult children hundreds of miles away from the parents, it is particularly important to deal with the question of who could be in the environment of the parents, a potential helper and so in addition to security.

The best ties in such networks, when one is still reasonably fit and also something back can give. Probably your parents have also already a lot of expandable contacts and you know nothing about or have not you observed so far.

Then it is all about the parents encourage, Acquaintances and neighbors is also really engage and ask for help. Because it may be that your parents are from alone on this idea. People from the Generation of the war and post – war children are asking for help often timid – they often try for the first time “on our own”.

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Especially when the first limitations occur, the helpers valuable. For example, when it comes to shopping or watch a matter of time. If your parents have hardly any contacts or these are not sufficient, you should think about a paid helper, for example a home help or a gardener service. Especially when they come into the house when it’s all still reasonably good, often develop close contacts.

If it relates to the subject of the organization of care and the help of just quite acute, and you want to learn further about, we recommend two books that deal with the topic in more depth. In addition to the book of our expert Katja Werheid (see box) is worth the book by Coach Birgit Lambers “If the parents are suddenly old.” We wish you courage and joy on the way to new plans and solutions with your parents.


To each output LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE a practical, easy to implement Online Coaching suitable to its respective folder theme.

Each Coaching session lasts eight weeks. During this time, you will always receive on Friday by E-Mail a exercise unit that can help you to make your life better. Here is the Newsletter:

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