Phone put, Stress-Stripping

Memory Coaching,phone, put, Stress-Stripping

LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE has developed a ten-week memory-to-one Coaching, with your memory in everyday life can improve. This is the second part. The other parts can you find in the following weeks.

Many people – whether young or old – in daily life you often feel that you have a bad memory. “I think I’ll get Alzheimer’s” is almost a household word, when you are looking for the keys, or of particular facts remembered.

For this forgetfulness, there are but often a simple explanation: “For many people the head is to full, they are just always busy,” says the cognitive scientist Hans Markowitsch. Due to the modern technology and the permanent availability of younger adults and a profession working hardly mental breaks and are exhausted, therefore, mental. The talk of “digital dementia” is used to describe the final connection.

Breaks for the little grey cells

But even people who are not constantly hanging on the mobile phone, overtax your memory frequently by hustle and bustle, Stress and Multitasking. Therefore, the tasks of this week, more breaks in the daily routine and thus create a certain amount of recreation for the little grey cells. You will probably be surprised how effective these Exercises are.

To targeted Exercises for the different lifestyles to offer, there is a task for “Smartphone Junkies” and one for all those who put themselves in the everyday life under pressure and try to do several things at the same time. They themselves decide what Exercise to better your everyday life.

Animation: How the brain us is deceptive

For Smartphone Junkies: time-outs for minutes

One of the difficulties of the modern working world is that many people use breaks to check emails, to write WhatsApp messages or to post their own content. A real break is not. From afternoon tea in the Job to Wait at the bus stop – we are so busy as always, with the information recording. Even if we find this amusing, and even “relaxing” – our brain is overwhelmed by the flood of information so that the memory wears off.

Try this week to make every day of two media-free breaks. You can stay during the coffee break, offline. Or in the lunch break. Or the mobile phone in waiting times in the bag. If you create two breaks of about 10 to 15 minutes per day, will have the positive effect on your mental Fitness. Ask yourself at the end of each day, whether you feel fresher and less mess. And you can hold out for a week – it’s worth it.

For Stressed: One after the other

Take a moment and think about the different situations of everyday life, you try to complete tasks at the same time, and when they expire in the hustle and bustle and Stress: it Is at work, if you want to quickly write a five-Mails and at the same time clearing the Desk before you go home? It is the house work you do, while you are looking to make calls or messages? Or in the case of travel times, where documentation is still work to read?

Have you found your “bottlenecks”? Well. Then treat yourself this week to forgo a day at least two Times on multi-tasking and the hustle and bustle. On the way home in the subway, you look out of the window, in the budget you do one thing after the other. At work, you move the “five urgent emails” on the next day. Give it a try.

Extra hint: also, once a day, for a Five-minute Meditation on the Sofa. Set a Timer to five minutes and try to sit and do nothing. Breathe slowly in and out. You focus on the breath. You can’t do anything “right” or “wrong”. Check at the end of each day, whether you feel better and mentally fresher than otherwise.

Important: If you find that you benefit from the Exercises this week, you’re probably among the people who are “mentally fit and active”, but constantly Irritate overwhelm. You stay with this Exercise, if you like them! If the time-outs and Mini-like meditations, download maybe a meditation App on the phone, such as “The Mindfulness App”.

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