Phenomenon of the demise xualität: Many people are affected without knowing it

Hetero-, homo -, or bi-sexual. Some women prefer other men, some like both. Sexuality has many facets, and not everyone knows them all. A kind of grey zone, and less is also demise xualität rather known. And this is dangerous, because who can categorize yourself sexually and knows what he wants, and is often unhappy.

None of us can choose, what are his sexual preferences and what he is in bed. Many people react to smell and appearance, and this is primarily crucial if you find a Person attractive.

In the case of demise carnal persons, however, this is not the case. While the primary sexual attraction of the outer impressions shows no effect, for you much more feeling of trust and love in relation to a particular Person crucial, in order to feel sexual pleasure. This is called a secondary attraction.

With 5 features, you can test yourself

The sex life of a demise sexualorientation differs apparently hardly any a Person would like to have outside of a relationship not have Sex with other people. Therefore, many people are affected without even knowing it. However, there are five characteristics, which point to the fact that someone is demisexuell and which also allows you to check whether he is affected:

  1. If you fall in love, think of you less in touch, and have Sex with this Person, but mainly due to the fact that you want to get to know the people closer
  2. Flirting and Dating with crackling, but superficial conversations makes you nervous and is not your thing. All the more beautiful and more exciting you will find an in-depth conversation with meaningful words that reveal something about the real personality.
  3. Conversations about Sex do not like them at all, and you have the feeling to need to be adjusted. Demise sexualorientation, it is difficult to talk about their sexuality and hot Dates. Because, for them, all this has no attraction. You feel only turned on when a man touches you emotionally.
  4. You are sometimes uncertain whether they are women or men. Basically, there are for Demisexuelle is no commitment to a specific gender. One for you, if the feeling of base is wrong.
  5. Porn do not appeal to you. Unknown, strange people in Sex leads to watch at demise sexualorientation no emotion. No wonder: you don’t know these people and have no feelings for you.

So the main thing is that you know yourself well enough to know what you want and what is not. Because the only way you can lead a happy sex life.