Night active Teenagers are more likely to have Asthma and allergies

According to a new study from Spain young people who stay up late in the evening long, and in the morning, sleep longer, more Asthma and allergies than their peers who go to bed earlier have.

Researchers at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health in Spain compared with youth symptoms of allergies and Asthma with your sleep patterns. Other factors have been taken into account that Asthma and allergies affect, for example, where the participants live and whether your family Smoking members. It turned out that the probability of Asthma in teenagers who went to sleep later, was about three times higher than in the case of teenagers that went to bed early. The risk of allergic rhinitis was risers in the long-sleepers is about twice as high as in the morning. The study is in the journal in "ERJ Open Research" published.

Sleep hormone Melatonin in the imbalance

The results suggest that there is a connection between the sleep time and the risk for Asthma and allergies. "We can’t be sure that a longer Stay to cause Asthma, but we know that the sleep hormone Melatonin sleepers for long-often not in equilibrium, and that, in turn, could beeinflussen&quot the allergic reaction of teenagers;, study leader Dr. Subhabrata Moitra says.

It has long been known that asthma symptoms are related to the internal clock of the body together. However, this is the first study that examines how individual sleep preferences influence the risk of Asthma in teenagers. The study involved 1,684 million young people aged between 13 and 14 years of age from India, where the incidence of Asthma and Allergy-related diseases and possible risk factors were examined.