New year’s eve: First aid for burns and scalds

If hot punch and mulled wine, raclette, Fondue and fireworks: When it comes to sheets of metal by open flame, hot baking or pans to burns to the skin, quick Action is necessary. The chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony explained, what to do.

In the case of burn wounds of all applies to the first: keep A cool head. There are two different types of thermal injuries: burns caused by contact with hot objects or fire. Scalds are caused by hot liquids or steam. Depending on the Severity are affected from grade one to grade four different layers of the skin.

Heißit’s fondue Fat on gefäthe most dangerous

To be able to, depending on the severity of the right course of action, should clothing and jewelry are removed immediately, in order to further Penetration of the hot liquid with a result of avoid damage in the deeper layers of the skin. Pieces of clothing that stick to a injury, but may not be deducted simply, that can worsen the injury. Best cut with scissors to the bonded fabric around. At the feast, the greatest danger of the heated Oil from the fondue pot. This is because, unlike water or broth, you can’t see fat directly, how hot it is.

Burns of the first degree with a water-containing agents kümiss

In the case of first degree burns the skin is red, dry and swollen, also severe pain occur. As with a sunburn, the redness of his skin, you can make short "wegdrücken". These superficial wounds are not closed, the blisters are recognizable and can be treated. An area of up to a forearm is affected in adults, it should be about 20 degrees Celsius cold tap water for about 15 minutes, cooled. In children, it is important to cool the affected parts alternately. After cooling to alleviate the end, the water-containing gels and lotions the itching and the pain. The future of skin care with fat care using the ointments or creams. These are used for First aid, there is a sealing effect, wherein the skin to air and impermeable to water is covered and the heat strengthened. For further pain treatment, prescription recommend be free agents such as Ibuprofen, Diclofenac or Paracetamol.

Schäthe grade two recognize and correctly act on

In the case of more powerful burns from grade 2 a medical therapy is advisable. Second-degree burns have blisters. Because they protect the wound from contamination, you may not be due to the high risk of infection pierced. In addition, they form a natural, optimal environment for wound healing. An Association is not until medical treatment is usually necessary. At the burns engraving, that is, in grades three and four, to carbonize the wound bed leather-like or even and there are no hairs are present.

Who is due to the combustion degree of doubt at all, seek a doctor. This is especially true in children, since these are at risk due to the in relation to body weight, greater body surface area, strong shock.

Fingers away from home remedies

In the case of injuries to starting level two is applied to the medical supply, a metal-coated piece of gauze or a non-bonded to the wound of the adhesive dressing. In an emergency, even aluminum foil or lint can be used free cloths to cover and loose to be fixed. In the case of open wounds never supposed helpers, such as Oil, honey, flour or vinegar &ndash use; this "Hausmittel" to worsen the situation. Open burns must always be medically cared for.

New year’s eve: First aid for pressure and injury to the eyes

On new year’s eve special caution is advised when using rockets or firecrackers will be handled. In the case of blood pressure injuries need to stop the bleeding, and then a pressure bandage will be applied. Directed spraying sparks into the eyes and irritate the cornea easily, is rinsed with lukewarm water. In the case of serious injury to the eyes is formed for the initial treatment of sterile cloth and in a circle around the eye, so the eyeball is located in the middle. The eye itself should be covered with a bandage cloth and the Whole is to be gently fixed with a patch. According to this, necessarily, consult a doctor.

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