New High-Tech mattress for preemies simulated mom contact

The small Emma lies on a Gel mattress in your heat bed at the isolation ward of the hospital of Worms. The tiny Baby came in the 27. Week of pregnancy to the world – only 900 grams. Because of the close contact outside of the incubator and the heat bed is usually just a few hours of the day possible, to a High-Tech mattress to simulate the parent-child contact, especially at night. A turtle-shaped device made of silicone and Gel takes the heartbeat and the breathing of the mother or of the father, and brings in the Gel-mattress via a pump in motion. Samuel Lippke, Senior physician of neonatology, Klinikum Worms: “This breathing can be transferred either directly to the child, such as a live transmission. Or it can be recorded and will then loop in a 7-minutes-the child is continuously played, or defined.” With an addition the device also features the voices of parents could be transmitted. The nearly 12,000-Euro System is to reduce the respiratory rate of premature infants and their weight gain will accelerate. The idea is for the parents good. Lisa Engmann, mother of Emma: “The Doctors and nurses you can provide and we can make the child little. And so, the mattress provides a good possibility that we can do something.” In a study, is now to be found out, how strong the effect of the mattress is actually. With the first results expected in about a year.