My Russia is killing people: About the fate of AIDS patients in the largest country in the world

The 22-year-old Sergei can dream in the Spid-Center in Moscow from the States as it is in Germany only. “There is now a pill that you take before Sex to protect against HIV infection. We have States like in the 1990s in Western Europe,” says Sergei Abdurachmanow. Spid is the Russian word for Aids. In a building for Start-Ups, the Anti-Aids activists have taken a hall, the cinema, and lecture and consulting center. Behind a partition there is a corner for HIV and Hepatitis rapid tests. More than a Million people in Russia are HIV-positive. “And there are, unfortunately, still more”, says Sergey. “Are not affected long-only homosexuals, drug addicts and Sex workers. HIV is a threat to the General population in Russia.”

Sergei Abdurachmanow works in one of the Moscow Aids-centre

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin, speaking in public can hardly be the issue, noted in a decree in June that HIV constituted a “threat to national security” in the area of health. As it shows, overall, are often concerned about the population decline, it is likely to go to him here, particularly that the disease threatens the most productive part of the society.

No sex education in Russian schools

Sergei came through a friend here. Three years ago, for the first Time. Now he is the Executive Director of the Foundation organized center. The Spid-the Center has dedicated itself to the fight against the rapid spread of HIV in the largest country in the world. Easily that’s not how Sergei says. A controversial law against “gay Propaganda” prevents, for example, that there is awareness among Minors about Sex practices. Sex education in schools, for instance, is taboo.

World Aids Day

The five most common misconceptions about HIV and Aids

“Our website has been released of 18, we will therefore attempt, especially at Colleges and universities to educate, to promote the use of condoms,” he says. It was late in the life of sexually active people, but it’s better than nothing. The UN Organisation, UNAIDS advocates in school about the dangers. An important aim of the Foundation is also to attract aspiring Doctors for a specialisation in HIV-Infected and AIDS patients. Such experts missing in many places.

Maja, the handles in the centre to Transgender people, organized here for quick tests and advice. “At 11.5 percent, the rate of HIV-positive test results. Whom it hits, we catch,” she says. The 32-year-old Trans woman, and the gays Sergei’s life, as members of the “sexual minority” dangerous in Russia – especially if they profess openly. Again and again there is violence against Gay, lesbian and Transgender – from Assaults to murders.

“The situation in Russia has deteriorated,” says the head of the Federal centre for the fight against Aids, Vadim Pokrovsky. With 1.5 million people, he gives the number of the Infected, although the health Ministry had last spoken by more than 900,000. For comparison: In Germany there are, according to the Robert Koch-Institute 87.900 Infected, this corresponds to approximately 0.1 percent of the population. In Russia, the proportion is ten times higher.

The fight against Aids: Only every third Patient has access to treatment

According to Pokrovsky, the number of deaths after HIV infection, to 2018, when the record figure of 36,000, the majority of victims are between 18 and 44 years old. Only about 500,000 people in Russia access to therapies. Pokrovsky complained that the state is spending too little money for modern medicines. Instead of the approximately 20 billion rubles (about 284 million euros) in this year, the five-fold was needed to the crisis response.

Russia is far provide away from the target of the world health organization (WHO), 90 per cent of the registered HIV-Infected with medication. In Germany, 93 per cent of Infected people receive according to RKI anti-viral treatment.

In Spid-the Center Sergei is determined to continue to fight. The prominent journalist Anton Krassowski, launched the Foundation lives off of donations, waived the state’s money, in order to remain independent. Krassowski, the well-known as one of the first Celebrities to his HIV infection, said that the Infected are dying in his country of Aids. “It is my Russia, killing these people,” he said. The center but I can now help many of those Affected.

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