Multifocal lenses for cataracts

Thanks to special artificial lenses köcan patients according to the Star-Operation without the glasses see. But the products are not suitable für each. And you also have disadvantages

Cataract: surgery a k&uuml is;artificial lens used

"You Hate Your Glasses?" This is the question Professor Horst Helbig of the University hospital of Regensburg, often as the First. Because of the response hädepends on how Helbig a patient with cataracts berät. The disease trübt the lens of the eye, and thus the Sehvermögen – often so strong that only a SURGERY will help. Ädoctors replace the diseased natüis it a natural by küartificial lens. Then benöthe Surgery clear but glasses. Around 400 000 people in Germany decide each year für the engagement. Most of the time he is in short Abstäthe on both eyes. It is one of the hämost common operations – and a very successful one. From one day to the other shines the world is sharp and in vivid colors.

Küartificial and natünatural eye lenses differ

However, the built-in product is not a replacement of equal value für a natünatural lens, which is deformable, and its refractive power to adapt. Artificial lenses are rigid Structures. Herköconventional products have a single focal point. These so-called mono-focal lenses, Gegenst&auml form;nde at a certain distance from the eye sharp.The Operated is in need of a visual aid für the other areas.

But already since some years, there are special products that replace a pair of glasses köcan: multifocal lenses with two, three and, Recently, even with four focal points. Many Augenädoctors and clinics offer such special lenses.

Multifocal lenses mean work für the brain

"I was there from the beginning verblüfft, that the principle üin General funktioniert", erklärt Professor Thomas Kohnen, head of the clinic für ophthalmology at the Universität Frankfurt am Main and füa leading researcher in this field. Products with, for example, three focal points in the eye, three images – with a sharp long-Distance, medium and close range. Kohnen: "The brain must learn, ­each of the suitable focal point." To change the image, if you look up a book, and from the window looks. The vast majority of Operated patients succeed after a certain Gewörebellion. In individual cases, it can take up to a year.

However, multifocal contact lenses also have disadvantages. Helbig: "But who copes with his glasses, bad, accept, rather, that the Sehqualität with a multifocal lens is not quite as good as with a herköconventional lens – in combination with a pair of glasses."

Not für professional driver

Tatsätake a lens with three focal points not only to objects in three distances vöcompletely sharp. Add to that: The Kon­trastsehen is slightly worse, and at night köcan optical Phäphenomena stören – about bright rays and rings around sources of Light. Kohnen: "Üabout all the müwe left Augenäour patients doctors especially aufklären."

And also darüber, some people with multifocal lenses at night, do not drive a car köcan. Für professional drivers, the specialist products do not generally come into question. And also they are not suitable otherwise für each. Helbig: "Who zusäin addition, any Augenpro­the problem has to be Multi­­multifocal contact lenses do not offer." For example, in the case of a Schädamage to the optic nerve, a condition of the network or of the cornea.

Custom-made in Hornhautverkrüatmosphere

The cornea is, however, only verkrümmt, in the calculation of multifocal lenses berüto be taken into account. "If you don’t, funk­they work nicht", erklärt Kohnen. From the Verkrüatmosphere results nänamely, a certain Unschärfe on the retina. The brain wübiggest, what image it needs to retrieve.

In patients with a verkrüseamlessly Integra ng horn &shy skin;although, by the way, the resulting visual defects compensated, if you für a multifocal lens decide. However, this correction is also possible with the mono focal lenses möpossible. A Ex­tra, the patient then usually also pay mü.

Cost plan from the doctor’s request

Barbara Schmitz of the consumer centre of North Rhine-Westphalia rät, to the eye doctor a written Plan to submit with all the additional costs around the SURGERY. With this Plan, you should contact the Fund. Schmitz: "Is risk patient or already has pre-existing medical conditions of the eye, üthe insurance scheme in many Fäthe cost cases für additional services."

Grundsäin addition, however, Is necessary in such an Operation, medical, müshot by law, nothing Insured to pay, if you für the ­Standard procedure with herköconventional lenses decide. Multifocal lenses beat, however, with up to 3000 Euro per eye to beech.

Expert rät of OPs as a glasses replacement

And who mount these special products lässt, without that a eye SURGERY nötig wäre, you must pay for everything themselves. "You lässt then operate, instead of reading aufzusetzen&quot glasses;, criticized Helbig and warns against risks such as Augenentzündungen. "Even if the risk is only about one per cent to Whom it applies, with the complications to 100 percent." Bloßhe glasses hate is not a good reason, this danger.

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