Minions-villain in a good Mission: Gru gives tips for the Corona-pandemic

You can see in the Video: WHO fights with Gru and the Minions against Corona.

On YouTube there is currently a reunion with them: The Minions and the villain Gru. For Fans of a surprising Comeback In July 2017, the latest installment in the film series of “I – despicable me 3” with the popular Minions, and the villain Gru. The wait for the next part of reduced now this funny YouTube Video, in the group tips for dealing with the Corona-crisis provides: “Remains active, with a few sharp Dance Moves,” says Gru, for example, or it shows that you can use for all your important Meetings, video chats… Even if it would not be in his nature, he advises how to deal nice with each other. Although the Video humor comes along, but it has of course a serious Background. With the Clip, which is financed in part by the “United Nations Foundation” and of the world health organization, WHO, published, hope the creators of donations to generate the Solidary Response Fund. The Fund supports, among other things, the WHO and Unicef in their fight against consequences of the global Corona pandemic.