Meditation benefits the heart and circulatory system

Meditation reduces the risk for diseases of the cardiovascular system. In 2017, the positive effect of Meditation on the health and new study of a large national database, which is now in the journal "American Journal of Cardiology" was published, confirmed these results.

The researchers studied the data of more than 61,000 people. Of them, almost ten percent practiced some Form of Meditation. They had vessels in comparison to people who do not meditate, more rarely, high blood fat, high blood pressure, Diabetes, stroke, and diseases of the coronary. The largest difference was in the disease of the coronary arteries: Those who meditated, affected only about half as often compared to those who did not meditate. High cholesterol in front of the meditating persons to 35 percent less, Diabetes by 30 percent, stroke by 24 percent and hypertension by 14 percent.

The study leader Dr. Chayakrit Krittanawong said: "I believe in Meditation, as they can provide us with a sense of calm, peace and stress reduction, which leads to an improvement of our emotional well-being." He noted, however, that in the study of the nature of the Meditation was not recorded, because the can be physically very different exhausting. Also, it is possible that people whose cardiovascular System is healthy, meditate rather than sick people. Taking into account various other factors, the researchers came to the conclusion that Meditation is likely to reduce the Occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.