Many parents underestimate the Obesity of their children

More than half of the parents, the extent of Obesity in their children, and even medical professionals this idea to share. The detection of weight problems in Childhood and adolescence is important, however, because in this time of important decisions for the health-for-life.

From an analysis of 87 individual studies with a total of 24.774 children showed that 55 percent of parents of overweight children underestimated the degree of Overweight. Also about a third of the children and young people considered their own weight to lower than it actually was. Medical professionals were not immune to this misconception.

Especially if they were overweight themselves, in the case of younger children and young parents were more likely to be wrong. In addition, the parents ‘ languages &quot, rather, that their children;heavy Knochen" would "dick" or "stämmig" be, rather than the medical (and less-than-flattering terms &quot) ;adipös" or "fettleibig" to use.

Abrar Alshahrani, from the University of Nottingham, who presented the study results at this year’s European Congress on obesity in Glasgow, said: "Despite Attempts to make the Public aware of the Problem of obesity attention, our results suggest that a higher weight is evaluated status in children very often." Worldwide, the number of children and young people has increased ten-fold with Obesity in the last 40 years. In Europe, 19 to 49 percent of boys and 18 to 43 percent of girls are overweight or obese.