Man suffers from a peanut Allergy: I kiss no women, because that could kill me

The Briton Oliver Weatherall is highly allergic to peanuts. Even the smallest traces could bring him in danger to life. Therefore, the 22-limits a Year – not in Restaurants, not on holidays, and kisses not with women: “the risk is not worth it.”

Already a handful of MM, just in the past nibbled to go, could of cost Oliver Weatherall’s life. To him, it will not happen, that he falls into a chocolate and nuts, but the woman that he would like to kiss, could have been hours before, and eaten. Demands is not worth it, because who remembers exactly what he has taken on the day? Especially in the evening, in the pub, after a Drink in the middle of the Flirt? Therefore, the young man no longer assumes the risk of a fatal kiss today.

Earlier the thought tormented him to the Kiss immediately, whether his body will show possibly an allergic reaction. He doesn’t want any more. There are people who have died, that you were kissed by your Partner, writes the 22-Year-old from Farnham, a small town West of London, in a British Internet portal. Kissing can kill me. This risk is not worth it. That sounds resigned. This is actually ridiculous. But I just don’t have the nerve.

Lethal peanut-accidents, there are always

The fear of the British is very real. In 2016, the 20-year-old Myriam Ducre-Lemay from Montreal, died after her boyfriend gave her a Good-night kiss – he had previously eaten a loaf of bread with peanut butter. The Huffington Post/Wochit Daughter died after a kiss from your friend – now warns the mother against the cause

Peanuts are the most by a food Allergy-induced deaths. While most of the food trigger until a certain amount of allergic reaction, may be sufficient in the case of the peanut already in microgram quantities, to life to cause threatening symptoms. The fact that a peanut-remains allergies are usually for life, in addition to the German Allergy alerts – and asthma Federation.

In 2016, the 15-year-old schoolgirl Natasha Ednan-Laperouse in the holiday flyer from London suffered according to nice, an allergenic shock. Even though her father was instantly injected with the Adrenaline to the point, she died. Natasha had eaten at the airport for a Sandwich. The bread dough contained traces of peanut, but this was not specified. By the end of 2017, the 42-year-old Celia Marsh was killed, after they had eaten with their family in the case of a sandwich chain.

Breathing problems, vomiting, loss of consciousness – all because of a peanut

The Allergy to change, the life of reason. In Europe, about two percent of all children suffer from it. The Affected respond to storage proteins. For the growth of the Plant is important and so stable that they are not attacked by Heat or stomach acid. The complaints range from respiratory problems, skin rash, diarrhea, Nausea, vomiting turf to the heart, dizziness, unconsciousness and life-threatening shock States. In Europe, all foods containing peanuts need to be labelled.

Oliver Weatherall was diagnosed with 13 a strong peanut Allergy after he had bitten a bread-and-butter. He reacted so violently that he had to go to the hospital immediately. My saliva was so thick, I could hardly breathe. Trigger the knife was. It was not clean, someone had used it before for peanut butter.

When it comes to what he eats, familiar to Oliver only

Strange knife Oliver is not used today. Restaurant visits stress him. If I go to a Restaurant, I notice the same, whether it’s any good, says the Student. The waiter has a clue of allergens? He knows the ingredients that are used in the kitchen?

The young Englishman is on the move all day, he carries home-cooked. Travel is too risky – the language barrier and unknown ingredients in the Restaurants. During the football world Cup in 2018, the Fans cheered in the Pub around the corner from the entry of the Englishmen into the semi-finals. Drinks rippled from the wild, tilted glasses, and a few drops landed on Oliver’s lips. He finished the race with a life-threatening reaction in the hospital.

Researchers tested the therapy against the Allergy

Maybe Oliver Weatherall does not have to long for kisses. An international Team of researchers has just developed a preparation that increase, at least, the tolerance of peanut-Allergy sufferers and, therefore, the fear may reduce. The results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study tested a drug that consists primarily of peanut flour, for over a year, to more than 500 children and young people. The dose was increased in a two-week rhythm. After a year, after all, 67 of the subjects were able to eat about two peanuts without an allergic reaction.

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