Magnetic eyelashes are a reasonable Alternative?

A Eyes with long and thick eyelashes is considered to be beautiful and aesthetic. So eyelashes are dyed in the cosmetic Studio, compacted or extended. These methods, however, not a little, and, in particular, the Dyeing and Compacting should be done by specialists. Is stuck in your own home, not to convince by the mixed results and the fact that, first, the adhesive must be attached to the eyelid, however, every. Magnetic eyelashes could be a promising Alternative for all who wish for long, healthy eyelashes and natural eyelashes due to frequent treatments do not want to damage. Here, what is magnetic lashes are reading, how you apply them correctly and where you find.

What is magnetic lashes are?

It is a simple beauty product. You are probably familiar with eyelash Glue, in essence, the nature of the magnetic Alternative is similar. The eyelashes are (mostly) gimmicky and can look different depending on the manufacturer, different quality. Who is a more natural lash Look is preferred, it should, therefore, strictly to good quality , or eyelashes made of real hair invest.

An important advantage of magnetic lash is reusability. This is not only sustainable, but also saves costs. The application is for the natural eyelashes, as a conventional adhesive eyelashes, because they are uncomplicated, and with a “click” to install. The selection of the magnetic Alternative is great and you can cut the lashes, if necessary, also individually manage. The eyelashes are not more expensive than others and cost in the acquisition not much. They are also smudge-proof and waterproof.

How do magnetic lashes?

Magnetic lash stick by using a simple magnetic effect of one’s own lashes. There are two different methods to attach it.

Magnetic eyelashes can visually make a significant difference (icon image)

Where there are magnetic lashes?

Meanwhile, there are magnetic lashes even in the drugstore. The selection is limited in the retail trade, something that in stores there should be more selection. The greatest diversity in the network, there are various manufacturers frolic in the popular Online stores. Make sure that the eyelashes have a light weight, so you complain to the eyelids.

This magnetic lashes with Eyeliner there are in the Set, so you between different lash lengths and shapes to choose. In the reviews of the eyelashes of the users that have cut off the artificial lashes find their way again and again, because the standard size is not for each eye ideal.

Self-adhesive magnetic lashes are also in the Set, so that you again can choose what eyelashes to you or to the occasion fit. Which of the two methods suits you more, you have to decide individually. It is pure a matter of taste. The first method requires the Dragging of an Eyeliner, of course, also like optical.

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