Light therapy: As a day light lamp winter depression counteract

Any drive, they lack in the low-light Season, you are constantly tired and have increased Sweet cravings? Then you may suffer from a winter depression, short SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) called. According to the Foundation German depression aid, one speaks only of a seasonal Depression, “if symptoms of a major depressive Episode show exclusively and repeatedly to a particular Season of the year, typically in autumn and Winter”. A important indication that you have SAD, is the fact that your state of mind changes in the spring of abruptly – when the days are getting longer and the sunshine hours increase. But what it is actually and how you can counteract the bad mood in the opposite? The learn here.

How does a winter depression?

Our inner clock is controlled by two different hormones: In the light of day Serotonin from more and more, filled in the body of a messenger substance, as a kind of the body’s own antidepressant – lucky hormone known to understand. He lifts the mood and contributes to the fact that we work better. If it is dark outside, converts our body to Serotonin to Melatonin: a sleep hormone that controls the day-night rhythm. It makes us so tired, if it is increasingly distributed, so we can sleep. So far the theory. But what has all this to do with winter depression?

Every fourth German suffers from a mild to severe winter depression

In the autumn and winter months, the days of light increases rapidly, both in duration as well as intensity. Due to the increasing darkness, the body produces more Melatonin, which inevitably leads to the fact that many people get out of bed and also during the day, constantly tired. The melatonin level is particularly high, it can lead to a seasonal Depression. Say you constantly feel weak, tired, unbalanced, grumpy, sad or even hungry. The bad news is: This condition holds until the spring. The good news is: A light therapy can improve your state of mind significantly. Without the medications.

How does a light therapy?

As the Name suggests, is based on the therapy to artificially generated light, which was purely inspired by physical light – the sun. For the treatment you will need a so-called daylight lampwhich is a lighting strength of at least 2,500 Lux has. So much light would you take on a normal day in the spring when you look out the window, in the summer, even up to 10,000 Lux. For comparison: An ordinary room lamp creates just 300 Lux to 500 Lux. It is even scientifically proven that people with SAD by the regular irradiation is much better. This was sometimes because your serotonin level is increased. If you have installed the lamp correctly. Read more about this in the next paragraph.

How to apply a daylight lamp?

As already mentioned, you need to use for the irradiation with a daylight lamp with a minimum of 2,500 Lux is still better, however, would be a illuminance of 10,000 Lux. This has a reason: The less the Lux, the longer the treatment lasts. That is, the period of time, how long before the lamp must be reduced with the increase of the illumination strength. The daylight lamp has 10,000 Lux, are daily, approximately 30 minutes is required. It has only 2,500 Lux, you need to schedule two hours of time. For the treatment, set the lamp about a half to a whole Meter in front of himself, so your eyes can absorb a lot of light. Meanwhile, you may also read, write, or eat.

What time is the daylight lamp?

In order to reduce the Melatonin levels in the daytime, you should use the daylight lamp is best immediately after getting Up, ideally between 5.30 and 8.00 in the morning. Thus, they boost the Serotonin production and can automatically better way to start the day. It is important that you watch from time to time for a few seconds directly into the light, so that it can fall on your retina. Before you do that however, you should let your eyes, where appropriate, investigate. Because even if day light lamp with a UV Filter possess and, to date, no negative effects of the light therapy are known, it is for people with age-related diseases of the eyes safe, when you go to a doctor.

How fast is a light therapy work?

If you apply the daylight lamp regularly, and usually after a few days, a noticeable improvement. At the latest after two weeks, you should feel a lot fitter, more alert and more balanced. Your mood is not improving after 14 days, still, this may possibly be the lighting strength – increase the intensity (if possible), and the duration of the treatment, alternatively, you can use the lamp again in the evening. The therapy isn’t working at all, you should talk with your doctor.

For whom is a daylight lamp is not suitable?

If you have the above symptoms, however, not only in the dark Season, it may well be that you are suffering from any entertaining Depression. If you don’t have the feeling that the mood swings seasonally occur, as a result, it is quite advisable to consult a doctor before you opt for a daylight lamp. It is scientifically proven that light therapy works for people with SAD, but not in people who suffer from seasonal independent depression. Furthermore, it may happen that you get a daylight lamp, a headache or dry eyes. In the case, you can continue the therapy, while continued, should shorten the meetings, however.

Insurance companies cover the cost?

Statutory health insurance does not support the purchase of a daylight lamp in the rule, unfortunately, in most cases, even if you leave the light therapy in a doctor’s practice – where there are certainly exceptions. Since you get however, even cheap models with 10,000 Lux for 30 euros, is the purchase not so expensive. Of course, you can also get 150 Euro for a day-light lamp output, however, can in most cases also not more, but has a few technical gadgets, such as a Dimmer or a tilt adjustment. Therefore, they go just as well with a cheaper model.

Note: This article contains General information and may not visit to the doctor replace.

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