Life as a bow

Pain Coachinglife as a bow

MIRROR KNOW has developed an eight-week Coaching for people with chronic pain, you can learn to understand your pain better and more competent to deal with them. This is the seventh part. The other parts can be found here.

Many pain syndromes occur in the age between 45 and 60 years of age. This has different reasons. One is that people’s perceptions of their energy in the middle years and also in early age is wrong and just go on as at a young age. The body can afford the first, often, but not quite as suitable as in the first 40 years of life, pace, and spending levels are, and the body is more stressed than you think and realize.

In order to get a better sense of how the body and soul section in which life is to be treated, you can get in this week is an Exercise to show you where you stand in the course of life and what that means for their force, their desires and their pain.

Life as a bow
Imagine the energy of life once as an inverted U, so as an arc that rises and then drops again. About 45 to 50 years, we have arrived at the peak, have built up something and still have a lot of energy left. The years before that are shaped to rise from the “mountain”, has been developed in work, family, circle of friends a lot of and. In the years after the life middle, then goes downhill – with a different, more moderate rates of energy, more caution, and a view over the entire landscape, which is still in front of you.

In this period of life the following questions are important: Where do I want to go in this landscape? With what speed and ease, I go down the mountain? What I want to do, what dreams I have, what am I missing? In contrast, the years are in the “Uphill” rather ask Central as “What I want to do?”, “Who am I?” or “How can I build a life that suits me?”.

If you stay now in this picture: ask yourself now, where you stand? Are you still climbing High on the summit, or slowly begins the descent in the level? Have you found a point? Well. Then hold an honest picture of where you stand.

Now follows a second step: Consider whether the attitude with which you go through life, with the help of which you treat your body, you do sports, life plans track or everyday life, the Position fits you on the life arc. Some people plow still in the early years, you could actually go long with slightly bent knees, and without a Have downhill.

If this is the case for you, consider whether there is an area of life in which your speed or attitude to change, to be the point just where you are: it May be that now is rather heart’s desires are important? The questions of meaning or social contacts in the fore of pushing? Or that they want to work differently? You will find – as always – for you individually appropriate responses.

Important: people with only occasional pain, such as in the back, can this Practice benefit, because it shows where we may assume, overestimated, or against the rhythm of life. Particularly important in this type of location determination is, however, if you often have to do with pain. Then, it may be worthwhile to address just a week with this Exercise, but generally about age-appropriate Changes in thinking.

To each output LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE a practical, easy to implement Online Coaching suitable to its respective folder theme.

Each Coaching session lasts eight weeks. During this time, you will always receive on Friday by E-Mail a exercise unit that can help you to make your life better. Here is the Newsletter:

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