James bond is suffering from chronic alcoholism

The most popular kinosian in the world James bond is a clinical alcoholic. This is the conclusion reached by researchers who analyzed a lot of films about the agent 007.

He may have a license to kill, but in reality he does not need a license in order to drink, according to researchers from new Zealand’s University of Otago, together with his colleagues from the University of Oxford. A detailed study of all the films about the adventures of James bond have shown that the famous agent 007 is a clinical alcoholic, who has a very serious problem in terms of alcohol abuse. This conclusion was based on the view 24 pictures of James bond, made between 1968 and 2015.

It turned out that he not only abused alcohol for more than six decades, but also is very dangerous for your health and to others when he is in a state of intoxication. In particular, the fascination of James bond martinis and several other cocktails constantly pushes him to different kinds of risky actions. He’s drinking before the fights, before driving, gambling, control of complex machinery or devices, contact with dangerous animals, extreme physical exertion, and even have sex with enemies, sometimes with knives and guns under the pillow.

The authors also emphasize that the drunkenness of James bond is not limited to its signature cocktails. In addition, some of the movies mentioned that he was going through the medical examination which showed that his liver is not in order. Therefore, the popular agent 007 is a chronic alcoholic who needs professional help in order to get rid of addiction to alcohol. To alcohol of bond stress. Previously, scientists have proved that James bond is suffering from addiction to Smoking and violence, but also has psychological problems. (READ MORE)