Italian grandma, entertaining tips against Corona

With alcohol to the virus to kill a truck load of mouth protection masks, bunkers, or cocaine drag you into this Bizarre and dangerous tips against the Coronavirus accumulate currently in the network. Especially in Italy, the uncertainty is large. The situation there call the Doctors now as dramatic. The whole country has been declared a restricted zone. The risk of Infection is. Fortunately, an Italian grandma’s advice-and-white.


Pre-existing conditions as a risk: What is the role of Asthma or cancer in the Coronovirus play

In a Video of the Neapolitan production company, Casa Surace gives you tips to protect against the Virus. And even if some caution may have noticed measures now, really, everyone (“I have already told you always, that ye shall wash your hands!”, also the grandma) says she’s doing the entertaining way that the Video now has found a total of more than 400,000 Fans in the social networks.

Especially the Italian Nonna knows not only what helps the best, but also how it is implemented on the coolest looks: The Sneeze in the elbow one could perform for example as a Dab, it has found. To sneeze into the elbow instead of the hands is not only hygienic, but also easy to be polite, says the Oma strictly.

Grandma says: “Better to wink than to kiss and hug”

Some experts urge the population to abandon due to the Coronavirus, now even on physical contact, at least to older people. Also, since the Nonna has an idea. She suggests a replacement action: Wink. That can look quite charming, you impressive.

Perhaps the best tip is: “Let us not ethnic groups to discriminate against!” Because, as she explains: “The Coronavirus is passed, the discrimination will remain. There is no vaccination.”

Source: Youtube/Casa Surace

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