Insufficient quality: the auditors found deficiencies in more than 60 clinics

The Institute for quality assurance and transparency in health care (IQTIG) has been found in 62 German hospitals, a total of 66 deficiencies in the treatment of patients in the areas of gynecology, obstetrics, and breast cancer surgery. The responsible Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) said in Berlin on Thursday. Most of the abnormalities, there was in North Rhine-Westphalia (15), followed by Baden-Württemberg (11) and Bayern (9). No, the commissions found only in Hamburg and Bremen.

Be tested in the hospitals in many different areas. Published by the still-young collection so far, however, only the three parts of gynaecological operations, obstetrics, and breast surgery, because these data meet the necessary legal requirements. Check the clinics on the basis of eleven so-called quality indicators. 66 these indicators were not met in the hospitals without the hospitals could apologize to understand. These abnormalities are classified by the investigators as “inadequate” quality. In 47 cases, however, were able to explain the hospitals so that the auditors were convinced about the abnormality, whether short-term staff shortages occurred.

Treatment in hospitals: deficiencies in year-on-year decline

According to the communication, the number of defects by about a 30 percent decline. In the past year, there were 73 statistical abnormalities in 90 cases, in which the hospital was able to sufficiently explain. Overall, the IQTIG has evaluated on behalf of the G-BA, the data of 1063 hospital locations.

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The indicators are – simply put – from the IQTIG set minimum standards, which should be able to offer a verified hospital. In the case of births, such an indicator is births, for example, the presence of a paediatrician in premature, what was in the 21 verified clinics without a statement of the case. Or the “E-E-time”, so the minutes that elapse between the decision to be an emergency C-section, up to the actual birth of the child. Should this not be according to the examiners more than 20 minutes. In eleven hospitals, this time has been exceeded again, without that, the clinic was able to explain this satisfactorily.

The creators of the investigation, warn explicitly against drawing from the results to draw conclusions on the entire hospital. The indicators are still in development, and that it was always and only results from individual treatment areas. So it is enough, in a part of the area is a hurdle to tear, as a hospital in the listing to show up.

Sources: press release of Joint Federal Committee / summary of the survey

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