In the sleep fragrance to learn with rose

Vocabulary buffaloes, while we sleep? This is a tempting idea. All by itself that doesn’t work, but scientists from Freiburg were able to show that previously Learned information remains better hang, when students are surrounded by Learning, and in the night of rose fragrance.

A simple method can facilitate according to a study from Freiburg Learning: The pupils and students in the two classes showed significantly better results in vocabulary tests when they used chopsticks during learning and sleep phase of the Fragrance that exuded a rose aroma. The results also indicate that the use of chopsticks in the vocabulary test Remember the more promotes.

The method can be applied easily in your home

"We were able to show that the supportive effect of fragrances in everyday life works very reliably and in a targeted manner kann&quot be used;, study Director PD Dr. Jürgen grain Meier said. The sixth graders put the scent sticks at home when Learning English vocabulary on your Desk and at night on the bedside table. The next day was the written Test and with the results of pupils are compared, which had used no fragrant sticks.

Until now it was thought that the scent may only be during specific stages of sleep, which renders a simple application to the home impossible. Grain Meier is happy that this seems not to be the case: "Particularly impressive was that the scent has also, if he’s up all night is available. This makes the findings for everyday use. Our study shows that we can facilitate Learning in your sleep. And who would have thought that our nose can help significantly."