In spite of the best of our health care system: German die sooner than other West Europeans

On average, Germans today are on the world, a year shorter than other Western Europeans. This has to be one of the world’s largest health studies. The reason is the unhealthy way of life of the German, according to experts.

In Switzerland, newborns have a life expectancy of, on average, 83,89 years, in Greece, 81 years – and in Germany? It looks relatively bad. Because the German life, in comparison to all other West Europeans, was the shortest. Who comes today in the Federal Republic of the world, therefore, means “only” 80.6 years old.

This is from one of the world’s largest health studies, the “Global Burden of Disease” (GBD), which was established in the early 1990s, among other things, of Harvard University and the world health organization. The study was published in the British journal “The Lancet”. In the study, the researchers evaluated more than 8200 data from a total of 195 countries, in order to calculate age-specific mortality rates. To blame for the low life expectancy in Germany is, according to experts, the unhealthy style of many people’s Lives.

Life expectancy depending on place of residence and gender

The researchers of the health study also found that the life expectancy has increased worldwide since 1950, while almost 50 percent; for men from 48.1 to 70.5 years for women, from 52.9 to 75.6 years. How old a man can be, but still mainly from the gender and place of residence. Thus, newborns boys come about in Western Europe at present, to 79.5, and the girls to 84.2 years. This is in comparison to the average life expectancy in Eastern European countries (a 66.4 for men and 77.2 for women), although a lot more.

Germany in comparison, however, is still not a very good picture. Each of 78.2 years for males and 83 for females born in the Federal Republic of Germany is significantly below the average and thus forms even of all 22 Western European countries. This is also true for German men and women, the the 60. Year of life already completed. You still have life, about 23.3 years. For comparison: In France there are about 25.6 years; the average for Central Europe is 24.4.

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For the best health system, but in spite of shorter life

Nevertheless, In another study, the experts have found out that Germany belongs to the countries with the most medical personnel per inhabitant, and thus the best health system in the world. Account was taken of the number of Doctors, nurses and midwives. Why the life expectancy in this country is still lower than elsewhere in Western Europe, the study itself provides no explanations.

More Cardiovascular Diseases

Pavel Grigoriev, a scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for demographic research in Rostock, makes the unhealthy life style of the Germans responsible for it. “In comparison to other European countries, in particular those in the Mediterranean such as Spain or France, are cardiovascular diseases more widely used in Germany.” The sun, among other things, the fact that the people there eat healthier. In the case of the Mediterranean cuisine, lots of vegetables, salad, legumes, fruit and whole grain is eaten products. In Germany, the Trend is rich in calories, greasy food. In addition, tobacco and alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and Obesity are a major Problem in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The four biggest risk factors for early death

In fact, the four biggest risk factors for early death are the results of research according to high blood pressure, Smoking, high blood sugar and Obesity. They were in 2017, the causes of death of nearly 28.8 million people worldwide – the equivalent of more than half of the total deaths in the past year. Especially obesity (obesity) fat developed almost everywhere, becoming a bigger and bigger Problem, warn the experts. So died in the past year more than a Million people to the consequences of a Diabetes-type-2.