In case of minus degrees Jogging is for people who are fit and well acclimatized

Shortly before Christmas, the coziness of a return for many people – also in terms of Sport. If the temperatures are slipping into the minus range, are intimidated by the some athletes additionally: Is it even healthy to go out in the cold for a run? Or should we cancel the sports program for the spring?

Andreas Matzarakis works as a medicine meteorologist in Freiburg and warns of the potential dangers that can lurk in recreational athletes in the Winter. Bone-chilling cold, and pollutants in the air can make Sport in the Winter to an unhealthy thing. “Sport at minus temperatures is just for people who are fit and well acclimatized,” says the Director of the centre for medicine-Meteorological research of the German weather service (DWD).

In contrast to the heat of the body could be preparing to cold. Who wants to play outside Jogging or football, you should pack but warm, and his Training slowly at the low temperature, rätt, the expert of the University of Freiburg. Up to what temperatures the Training is out there still makes sense, is individually different. “It depends on the Fitness level and health condition from.” The lower the air temperature, the greater the difference in breath temperature – and thus the effort for the body in any event.

Nitrogen oxides pollute the respiratory tract

Because also in the presence of moisture and fog, the air is often “standing” and pollutants, such as dust particles, oxides of nitrogen or sulfur may accumulate near the ground, would the additional burden of the respiratory tract. “If you are not fit, you should drop the Outdoor sports.” This was especially true for asthmatics, but also for other health of ailing people, so Matzarakis. In the case of winter smog, asthma, diseases could increase, and diseases of the heart and of the vessels increase.

For older and untrained people is not to be recommended from the point of view of the experts in Outdoor sports, even at temperatures below zero degrees. But also for fit with Jogging and play soccer outside, at the latest, at temperatures below minus 20 degrees Celsius final. According to the sports rules of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) may not be competitions started. It is colder than minus 15 degrees, to the wind, cold and humidity are taken into account.

Good for the gym is a Toughening from the point of view of the medical meteorologists always – be it Sauna, foot baths, or walks in the fresh air. Who does not want to abandon the Sport out there should take note, according to Matzarakis: “In the Winter during the day, preferably in the sun Jogging and not too low temperatures, Wind and high humidity Sport.”

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