How much the Sport has to burn a bar of chocolate?

42 minutes or 22 minutes for a half-bar of chocolate: According to a British study, more consumers would opt for healthier food to decide if it instead of the usual calorie information on the required physical activity would be called, which is necessary to burn the calories.

Many people can start with the calories and nutritional content on food is not much. There is also little evidence that such a label influences the purchase decisions. Effective it might be on foods and drinks specify the amount and type of physical activity required to burn the consumed calories. British researchers have come to the conclusion that such a "PACE-Kennzeichnung" (Physical activity calorie equivalent) could be daily, on average, savings of up to 195 calories per Person.

About 65 calories less per meal

The researchers had calculated from data from 14 studies in which the effects of normal nutrition labelling were compared in details with those of a PACE, that the PACE-labelling on foods, drinks and menus, per meal, on average, 65 pounds of calories less were included.

The scientists emphasize that the number of included studies was low and most of them were not in real-world environments such as Restaurants or super markets. Nevertheless, you have the expectation that the PACE information would reduce the daily calorie intake, and thus Overweight better can be prevented.