Help, my relationship has Corona!

It is just a lot of talk of that the Corona-crisis also creates opportunities – and this is not the case, apparently, also to branches that even now: the Sex-toy industry, for example. “Spread love, not virus”, “Spread love not the Virus”, is about the latest Slogan of a company that sells vibrators and everything, what you for – quote – “Sexual Wellness” so in need of. “More time at home means more time for experiments!”, assert. And actually, is it quite to the point: The time at home is for many a huge, explosive Experiment, however, less sexually, but rather social: Partner, family, all crouching in the apartment together. How beautiful! Corona gives many of us something like an eternal Christmas. That is to say: Everything is directed to ensure that there is a crash properly. “Help, my relationship has Corona!”, has a starwith a colleague from the already established.

Dr. Julia Peirano

Together a crash isolated by Corona test for any relationship

What to do? In “We and Corona”, the common Podcast by stern and RTL, speaks of the Hamburger, a couple therapist Oskar Holzberg, therefore, about how to for relaxation, if’s in the problems in the relationship very closely approaching, if the Corona-crisis the partnership by each other swirls. “There is a rule,” says wood-hill. “If the pulse goes above 100, then it makes no sense to be in the conversation. Then you should go apart.” Nevertheless, he recommends that just in the Tight space for being, listening, for example, by an evening Meeting at a certain time, a kind of Corona-Date. “Talk about it, so annoying it can sometimes be, is still the best opportunity in a partnership to create a positive atmosphere.” Of a kind of standstill agreement, until this all blows over, there’s no stopping wood mountain little: “That works. If our feelings are shooting high, then our reason is not able to regulate the most of the time.”

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